RMC Glossary

Barry-Z, Da Beezy, Zeets, BZ : Southpaw Barry Zito
Boch, Ol' Boch: Manager Bruce Bochy
Cained, Cain'd, Getting Cained: Pitching well and getting an "L" or "ND" 
Flemm, Phlegm: Broadcaster Dave Flemming
FNG: Fucking New Guy (any recent Giants acquisition)

Innings, Seasonal Innings: 18 games is one inning (1/9) of a season (18x9=162)
Team President and CEO Laurence M. Baer
MadBum, Bum, Bumbino, Maddy, BummyG: Starting Pitcher Madison Bumgarner
MC: Starting Pitcher Matt Cain, god among men
M.C.: Mark Christopher (O'Connor), blogger dude
MOC: Mark O'Connor, the old version of blogger dude's name
Nuke, BillyNuke, The Nukester: Chairman Emeritus William H. Neukom
Panda, The Panda, Kung-Fu Panda: 3B Pablo Sandoval
RMC: Raising Matt Cain, the name of this blog
Sabes, The Sabester: General Manager Brian R. Sabean

The Brandons: Youngsters Brandon Crawford (SS) and Brandon Belt (1B)
The Brian Trust: The Front Office
Timmeh, The Freak, The Franchise: Two-time CYA winner Tim Lincecum
Vogie: Starting Pitcher Ryan Vogelsong
VSC: Veteran Savvy Clutchness, or all the things Boch-n-Sabes love about old guys