Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Giants get clobbered again

13-11 loss at home
No do-overs in this game, I suppose. Giants bullpen fell apart completely last night and the A's scored eight runs in the last two innings to grab another win. Those are the first back-to-back losses for San Francisco since they lost three straight June 4-7. In between they were 14-3, so I can't get too upset. The team will have its ups and downs. Speaking of downs, it seems Joe Panik may have a concussion from the beaning he took in Tampa Bay ten days ago and will likely go on the DL.

Giants have eight more games left on this twenty-game stretch without a break. Their first off-day is Thursday, July 7th. Then it's three more and the All-Star Break. Bit of a grind for the lads, I imagine. Let's see if they can make a good run of it.

Jake Peavy in Oakland tonight. GO GIANTS!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Giants Get Spanked

8-3 loss in SF
Dr. Jeff and Mr. Samardzija have been battling it out lately for control of number 29. The Dr. has good stuff and uses it effectively to rack up quality innings and lead the team to wins. The other guy serves up BP and gets whiplash watching screaming liners and soaring bombs fly off bats. Sometimes both guys play in the same game. You can guess who mostly showed up tonight. The Giants couldn't get much going off Oakland starter Daniel Mengden and the A's had a lopsided win. It's been a couple of weeks since the Giants got handed their hats like that. Let's hope that's the trend for the rest of the season--lots of wins bunched around occasional losses!

Three more games with the A's: Suarez tomorrow night in SF, then Peavy and Bumgarner in Oakland the next two nights.



Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vlog #18 "Who Were Those Frigging Guys?"

8-7 win vs. Phi 

The Giants just barely scraped out a series win against the lowly Phillies AND JohnnyC didn't really do much to help. Three one run games that took everything we got and made both our aces look very human.  Just shows you that any team can be tough any day.  Luckily our beloved Giants are tough almost everyday.

Win #49. Best in baseball.  Kershaw lost!  We be up by EIGHT!  Check out another Vlog of joy below:

Vlog #18 "Who Are Those Frigging Guys?"

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bum Luck

Giants lost today, 3 - 2.  Madison Bumgarner got little run support, again.  Madison gave up 0 runs and only 2 hits in his first 6 innings, but got shakey in the 7th.  A few more hits, including a home run.  Couple that with an offense that didn't come through, and the Gints could not  pull out a win

Is Madison becoming 2016's hard luck pitcher?  He's 8 - 4, and really should probably have 11 wins.  But the Giants retain their lead over LA.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Giants Pull Out Another One

5-4 win at home
It only took 22 pitches from closer Santiago Casilla to get the final two outs. That was spread out over five batters, mind you. And the final out required a replay review (he was clearly out). This was after a three-reliever 8th in which seven batters saw 31 pitches and scored two runs to make a 5-2 game into a 5-4 nail-biter. Just another ho-hum Giants squeaker. Brandon Belt gets the hitting star honors with a 3-run double in the 7th to overcome a 2-1 deficit--it was a home run anywhere but San Francisco. That man is hitting the cover off the ball: his current line is .305/.410/.537 which is good for a .947 OPS and third-best among first basemen behind only Anthony Rizzo and Paul Goldschmidt. (His 2.2 WAR ties him for fourth-best with Miguel Cabrera.)

Jake Peavy had another solid effort on the hill. When a team can get that kind of performance from the bottom end of the rotation that's very encouraging. The lads trailed most of the game but staged a four-run rally off the Phillies bullpen to win it. That's 12 of the last 14 and 15 of 21 in the month of June. Giants have 48 wins, tied for the most in the majors.

Madison Bumgarner tomorrow night.



p.s. Giants are 31-9 in their last 40 games, their best stretch of 40 games since 1954.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


7-6 win in Pittsburgh
Giants starter Jeff Samardzija followed up his most impressive start (CG 4-hitter) of the season with his least impressive (3 IP, 3 HR, 6 R) but the Giants clawed their way back from the early deficit and pulled out a win. The mercurial righty has three starts this month, other than the gem, with a combined 12-2/3 and 14 runs allowed. He's seems to be a very on-off character, alternating between ass-kicking beast and gopher-ball machine. I reckon over the long haul he'll deliver more positives than negatives and we'll get lots of quality innings, but last night was ugly, his shortest outing so far.

Ramiro Peña, he of the who-dat club, clubbed two big hits to get the comeback going. BCraw added two hits, as did D-Span, and Joe Panik had a big two-RBI double. The 'pen (Law-Strickland-Osich-Gearrin-Casilla) delivered six scoreless on a mere four hits punctuated by nine whiffs. It's take a village sometimes!

Peña is a 30-year old utilityman from Monterrey, Mexico whose last stint in the bigs was two years ago in Atlanta. Last season he made two stops: one in El Paso with the PCL Chihuahuas (San Diego) and another in Culiacán with the Tomateros of the Mexican Pacific League. That's right, they are the Tomato Growers. Check out their logo:

That's awesome. The "minor" leagues have the best team names. Welcome back to the bigs, Ramiro, and keep slugging .692!



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

4th inning: 12-6

The Giants have played 72 games (winning 45) and have 90 remaining. They have completed 4/9 (about 44%) of their season. Here's the tally so far:

1st inning: 8-10
2nd inning: 10-8
3rd inning: 15-3
4th inning: 12-6

You have to like 27-9 (.750) over the last two innings! Overall the club has the third-best record in baseball behind the Cubs and the Rangers. Their 5-1/2 game lead is also the third-best.

The Giants are scoring 4.57 runs per game, that's 11th of 30 teams and a few nicks above the 4.40 league-wide average. The Giants are allowing 3.71 runs per game which is fifth-best behind the Cubs, Mets, Dodgers, and Nationals. Those five teams have the best records in the NL--big surprise. If the Giants can continue to pitch well they should be in good shape for the rest of the season.

FanGraphs projects the Giants to finish 93-69 and gives them a 62% chance to win the division, just in case you were interested.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vlog #17 "Wedding Present Win"

15-4 win at Pit 

Today was the truly beautiful occasion of Stephani and Matt's wedding.  The glowing couple are dear friends of many of us here at RMC. So what do you get such a nice couple?   How about another JohnnyC (11-1) win and an explosive offense (22 hits!).

Vlog 17 "Wedding Present Win"

Monday, June 20, 2016

Giants Win Streak Pirated

Madison Bumgarner threw a typical Madison Bumgarner type game today:  8 IP, 105 pitches, 8 K, 5 hits, 1 run and 2 BB.  He was as strong in the last inning as he was in the first.  The only problem was, to win a game, you have to score at least 1 run.  The Giants could not.  The Pirates broke the Giants' win streak with a 1 - 0 victory.

Jeff Locke does not have nearly the gaudy numbers that Madbum does, but you'd have to say that he outpitched him.  In 6 2/3 innings, he gave up 5 hits, but no runs.  No walks, 3 K.  No more than 1 Giant was on the bases at any time.  Relievers were adequate to hold the line at 0, Brandon Belt got a hit in the 9th off of the Pirates' closer Mark Melancon, but he was erased on a double play because he assumed Buster Posey's shot to the corner was a hit when it was run down by Gregory Polanco.

It was nearly a scoreless game into the 9th.  The Pirates solo run came in the 5th when Eric Kratz hit a fly ball near the left field line.  Angel Pagan lept, snagged the ball over the fence and then dropped it as he came down.  The guys on tv seemed to imply that the play was about Angel dropping the ball, I think that it would have been an absolutely stunning play for him to pull it back for an out.  But still, it's not like the Giants scored.   Jon may have jinxed it. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Make that Eight

5-1 win in Tampa Bay
And an 11-5 record for the month! Jake Peavy and the Giants looked like clowns in the opening frames then seemed to find their groove and that kept things close and eventually they prevailed with a four-run rally in the 8th inning. That's eight straight wins for the second time this season! Here's a tidbit from Baggs:
It is the best 35-game stretch in the franchise’s San Francisco era.
(Emphasis mine.) Wow. Who knew? That's crazy! 27-8 is a .771 win percentage. I thought there would have been an .800 streak (28 wins) in there at some point, even over 35 games, but apparently not. Regardless, that's a hell of a thing. Way to go, Giants!

Madison Bumgarner takes on the slumping Pirates tomorrow at PNC Park, 4:10 Pacific.