Friday, December 14, 2007

Dave gets it right

Dave Zirin's article, The Mitchell Report: Absolving the Owners, is required reading. If you aren't tuned in to Mr. Zirin, you are missing out.

Find him at Edge of Sports. Check out the archives as well.


Zo said...

An excellent comment by William Rhoden at the NY Times (Sat. 12/15):

"I say not so fast. Baseball can’t move on until it apologizes. Baseball, specifically Bud Selig, owes Bonds an apology.

Sorry, Barry, for hanging you out to dry; for allowing the news media and the public to make you the vilified face of baseball’s steroid era.

Sorry for making it clear during your home run chase that I would rather be in a dentist’s chair having root canal surgery than watching you break the home run record.

Sorry for looking on as you absorbed nasty fan behavior and crude treatment from the news media.

Sorry for not being more forceful in telling fans to reserve judgment, that the steroid canyon was wide and deep. I spoke on Friday with Selig in Milwaukee. He was in no mood for apologies and refused to discuss individual players. “I just think it’s inappropriate for me to comment on anybody,” he said."

Zo said...

And here is a good comment from Jenkins. No, not Bruce.

(Sally Jenkins, Wash Post, 12/18/07)