Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Yeah, too many years (FIVE!!!!) and, I've no doubt too much money (not that the SFG's can't afford it).


No one after the age of 30 is worth a 5-year deal. Criminy!!! Once again we overpaid (FIVE YEARS???) for a good (but not great) ballplayer.

We need a 3B and a 1B. Maybe this means a package with Roberts, Lewis, Davis, Schierholz, etc. is in the works. Look, he's a good player, but FIVE YEARS? C'mon. Our ballpark will hurt his power, and his "glove prowess" will decline rapidly with age (and CF defense is not more important than a power-hitting 1b).

At least we did not trade Cain or Lincecum.


Zo said...

There are only a couple of choices for the Giants to improve: 1) Trade Lincecum or Cain for a big star hitter (like Rios); 2) Fish in the free agent barrel and keep L&C; or 3) Do nothing and hope L&C&Z&Co. are still good when (and if) our young hitters improve.

I think the best choice here is 2), supplemented by perhaps a trade of a non-L&C pitcher for another hitter. Those who have argued against a Lincecum/Rios trade have said that Rios alone will not make the Giants offense good, but this misses the point. The Giants have to take a number of steps to improve the offense and today's action is one of them. Specifically, it is one that does not expend ANY of our valuable trade currency. I would have preferred to see them land Fukudome over Rowland, but it looks like, were the Giants ever serious about Fukudome, it no longer matters because he seems about to sign with the Cubs. Mr. Malo over at El Lefty Malo raised an interesting scenario - sign Fukudome and trade Lowry for Matsui. And then have Matsui play first (left handed, sore knees, good hitter). I like this thinking, and wouldn't mind us still pursuing Matsui, assuming that we do not have to give up L&C to get him. He is a very good hitter. On further consideration, I also like the idea of trading with Seattle for Balentien and Clement.

Whether or not Rowland is an outfielder is besides the point, as is the money, and the fact that our park "diminishes his power." We need guys who can get on base (hopefully, even better than Rowland's .374 OBP) Nor do I think he is being paid exorbitantly compared to what I have seen other free agents sign for this season (Gagne - $10 million, good luck with that, Brewers). We still have more to do, obviously, as we are now unbalanced with lots of outfielders and no 3B or 1B to speak of. Maybe that will come soon.

JC Parsons said...

The worst thing about this rather boring acquisition is that now we have to do something else. This move can not stand alone, like getting a 1B or 3B would have. We are now forced to move Winn or Roberts. We will have to sacrifice some combination ( or all ) of Davis, Lewis and Schierholtz. I just don't trust Sabean to make the right moves. Less is more for Brian. Oh well, maybe he can recapture his early glory ( think Jeff Kent, which is who Rowand kind of reminds me of...without pop ). We still need a lefty hitter. I think we should try Frandsen at third, so we should now focus on getting a 1B.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I think that's got to be it: Rowand is the first domino, some things are going to fall into place. The surplus of OFs means someone goes. Buying a FA reduces the risk of making a bad trade. We need a real lefty hitter, and a real power threat (1B and 3B). B.S. is quoted as saying MC & TL are untouchable. If that is the result of buying Rowand, then Aaron is my new god.

RS Parsons said...

I'm not I've ever heard of Rowand before, but that says more about me than him, I suppose.
If only he could take lots of HGH he could become the power hitter we need.
I already miss the steroids era.