Monday, April 21, 2008

My Heroes Have Always Been Dirtbags

Check out that lefthander with the no. 22! There's a real dirtbag for ya. Now don't go gettin' yer panties in a wad, the dirtbag moniker is a compliment for this fella. That's right, the Long Beach State University 49ers have a nickname for their baseball team: the Dirtbags. I'm thinkin' "dirtbag" is a hell of a lot better than "gamer." That's it, then. Dirtbags >> Gamers. Turns out there are quite a few Dirtbag-49ers in the bigs these days, perhaps the most famous being Crockie Troy Tulowitzki and TB Evan Longoria. Our Dirtbag has a .364/.400/.864 line so far in his very brief ML career. We all know he'll drop back down to, uh, earth, here pretty soon but you can't complain about what we've seen so far. RMC salutes our Sacramento boy, John Bowker. May he bring gritty dirtbaginess to our clubhouse by the shovelful.


Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
On the Sanchez watch- Certainly no masterpiece, but his first W (which puts him ahead of our #1 & #2 starters). He's one of those pitchers who gets lots of Ks and BBs, so any complete games are probably out of the question.
Update on Valdez' ERA- now @ 1.08. I maintain this is a superstar-in-waiting and I hope we don't wait too long to put him in the rotation.
Bowker's only oh-fer game was the one where they tried him @ 1B, so probably that distraction cost him focus at the plate.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Dirtbags don't get distracted.

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