Saturday, October 18, 2008

Giant Sucking Sound

Yes, the Grand Nagus himself! I think the Giants will woo more independents if we put HRP on the ticket. Maybe he can bust a move or two for us at first.

Yes, first base. In 2008, it was a chasm of Giant suckitude:

Bowker (71 games at 1B, 111 overall) .255/.300/.408 (84 OPS+)
Aurilia (82 games at 1B, 140 overall) .283/.332/.413 (95 OPS+)
Ortmeier (13 games at 1B, 38 overall) .219/.315/.313 (66 OPS+)
Ishikawa (29 games at 1B, 33 overall) .274/.337/.432 (100 OPS+)

Then one arrived who fit Monty Python's Shavian quip "you shine out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark" . . .

(cue Metallica)


Yes, Pablo. Our adorable Pablito. Little Money.

Sucking sound? What sucking sound?

.345/.357/.490 in 41 games, 17 at first base. Good for a 120 OPS+!

Pablo sparkled at A+ and AA ball in 2008 before his call-up. He has a career .787 OPS in 452 games in the minors. He'll turn 23 in August of next year. No less than Brian Sabean declared "I think at this point we'll pencil in Sandoval as our first baseman."

Quite a ride for our free-swinging youngster from Venezuela. I think 1B is his best spot--with Molina our starter for 2009 and Posey in the wings, catcher is not in the works. If Sandoval is a major-league hitter, then let's keep him happy and healthy at the least demanding spot on the field. I was impressed by his grace and athleticism--he looked good at third and running the bases--so I imagine he could be an above-average fielder at first.

Can Pablo hit for a full season? He'll have to. Does he have what it takes to plug the hole and stop that goddamn sucking sound? He better. Because if we don't get Mark Texeira, there is no one else on the FA market. And unless Sabes suddenly becomes Billy Beane and plucks an unlikely under-valued blocked prospect or latent rookie star out of some other team's grasp, we have no one else.

I'm neither optimistic nor pessimisstic about Pablo Sandoval being our 2009 first baseman. I just know that he is our ONLY option at this point. There is no real competition for the job, other than Travis Ishikawa (a career .803 OPS in 708 minor league games), who certainly looked better than either Bowker or Ortmeier. But Ishikawa has never seemed to impress the brain trust until his spectacular effort at Fresno (38 XBH in 48 games, 1.107 OPS) last summer. Can the big lefty make a push for the job? Or is he doomed to a platoon/bench role for some other team?

More important than that--is Pablo the man? Heckle on, O My Brothers.

I ripped off the HRP image from somewhere.
I don't remember where.
I don't think Ross cares.


Brother Bob said...

Pablo can play anywhere, but Villalona will probably only be able to play first, and we will want his power in the lineup eventually. So put Pablo at third? Depends on how good Gillaspie turns out to be.
So the question is how soon will these youngsters be ready. Throw Posey into that equation also.
Pablo should continue in his 3-position role in '09, until things sort out.
I don't assume Frandsen is going to become an impact player, likewise for Scheirholtz, Ortmeier, Burriss or Velez. We had a roster full of decent 6-7-8 hitters. We need HITTERS.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like this post. Ross Perot was no great shakes to look at on a tv across the room, up close and highly pixilated on my highly computer monitor is just too much.

Anonymous said...

Pablo can play third, but is it his best position? I like his bat a lot and I think he can pick it over at the hot corner. Is Villalona a stiff with the glove? I guess we'll find out soon enough. I would still like to take a shot at Teixeira. Maybe Perot can jump in to the race today and help out like he did in '92