Thursday, January 29, 2009

How many replacement level players does it take to make a ballclub?

We signed ourselves a backup for Edgar Renteria and a backup for our third baseman guy and a backup for our second baseman guy. See, the cool part is this backup guy is the same fookin' guy for each position. Sabean, he's the new Billy Beane. Talk about value. Talk about options. What? You say it was a minor league deal? Dude, that is so righteous. We are all over this 40-man roster thing.

The 2009 Giants: no hitting, no fielding, but lotsa guys.

Chris at BCB gives us the breakdown. Thorough and intelligent as always. I'm so glad there are sober, rational Giants fans out there. You see, I recently acquired a bottle of 80-proof Wild Turkey. I was thinking, that's like decaffeinated coffee, eh? I mean, seriously. They sell 101, don't they? So what's the point of 80-proof? My whacked-out alcoholic Boston-Irish uncle (god and mary and patrick be with his dear departed soul) told me when I was just a scrub that light beer was a crock because you just drank twice as much of it. Sorta like 80-proof Turkey.

And that brings me back to the 80-proof, er, 2009 Giants. We're 80/101ths of a real team. I mean, we got the spunk and the can-do and the hustle and whatnot. But we got no what. Just whatnot. There's no there, there. We taste like bourbon but we got no kick. We're 80-proof instead of 101.

That sorta thinkin' leads to drinkin'. I'm bustin' out the 80 and pourin' fattys--want some?


Zo said...

Sure. Although if we are talking 80, make mine Redbreast. I have no objections to Uribe. He is clearly a back up unless he busts his reportedly ample butt in spring training and goes beyond what he had done recently. Bottom line, for a cool mil, he has a lot more upside and fill-in value than downside. Not much to go one if Sabean does nothing else, but I do not think he is done tire-kicking.

Ron said...

One post & one heckle & not a single mention of his .295 CAREER OBP. You have to work really hard to have a career OBP that low. That's Pedro Feliz territory. If I get a veteran multi-position back-up, I at least want someone who is a defensive stud or who can grind out a pinch-hit at-bat once-in-awhile. Instead, we got Deivi Cruz II (career OBP .293, poor fielder) ... BLCCCH! I'm realying on him to be a Split Squad game pre-season roster filler. On the other hand, I suppose that spending any money on anyone decreases the chances that we'll sign Joe Crede or, worse, Manny Ramirez. Never mind ... I've been a Juan Uribe fan all of my life.

Theo said...

So, Uribe doesn't bother me now, but when Bochy and Sabean are fighting for their jobs, isn't there the chance that he (Juan) gets most of the playing time? These guys proved that they can't go young unless the season is completely over. I know there a lot of contingencies to Uribe even making the team, but it wouldn't shock me to hear David B. Fleming calling "Uribe to Renteria for one, onto first, too late, and a run will score..."

But really more to your point, MC, where the eff is the "what?" There's some on the mound, some in the minors and none in the lineup. Maybe Dave Roberts will bust out in a contract year? Basically we're going to waste a season of Timmy, Cain and Johnson. Wow, I'm frustrated... time for bed...