Thursday, October 22, 2009

Logic Test

First, read this article. Think about it. Do you agree?

Second, if so, complete this analogy: Bobby Abreu is to the Angels’ plate disciple as ____ Molina is to the Giants lack of plate discipline.

Third: Put Buster Posey behind the plate for 2009, getting backup catchers as necessary. Do not bury Buster in the minor leagues because Bengie Molina would not accept a one-year contract. Buster will learn. Buster is the future. See the future. Be the future.

I’m off on a scouting expedition, looking for another Tsuyoshi Shinjo type player. Back in a couple of weeks.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Bobby Abreu has always been a great hitter (.299/.404/.493, 132 OPS+). Be nice to have guys of his caliber around. He's like a fast Will Clark (.303/.384/.497, 137 OPS+).

Will Buster start next year? I'd love for it to happen, but I think the Brain Trust is afraid to risk it. They'll want a "veteran presence."

Every time I look at the list of FA I get scared. Matt Holliday would be a nice pickup, but not for the 6 years, $100 M we'd pay him. If we can't get someone on a 2 or 3 year then deal then I don't want them. Spend the money on Tim.

Not Shinjo, please (.245/.299/.373). Hideki Matusi is more my type (.292/.370/.482).

M.C. O'Connor said...

This is what an intelligent, successful, 21st-century GM sounds like.

I hope Sox fans appreciate how lucky they are.

(Link tip from Baseball Musings)

Ron said...

Logic Test #2:

Take the following story containing incredible, outlandish statements from one of the more outlandish people on the planet:

"Commissioner Bud Selig is pleased that Mark McGwire is returning to Major League Baseball as a hitting coach with the St. Louis Cardinals, despite speculation linking McGwire to performance-enhancing drug use, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Selig said he was 'delighted that Mark's coming back to the game,' according to the report.

'I have no misgivings about this at all,' Selig said, according to the report. 'Mark McGwire is a very, very fine man and the Cardinals are to be applauded.'"

Now, insert the words 'Barry' & 'Bonds' everywhere the words 'Mark' & 'McGwire' appear ... not much chance of every reading something like that, huh? When will baseball be rid of this idiot (in this case, I mean Selig)? He was fully complicit in creating the steroids era, takes no responsibility, & now applauds the return of a chump like McGwire. Wow.

The quote later in the story from the FBI Agent is priceless. Continuing:

"But reaction to the hiring was not solely positive. On Monday, retired FBI agent Greg Stejskal, who led the landmark 'Operation Equine' steroid investigation, questioned the move, saying McGwire had not visibly spoken out against steroid use or shown remorse, according to the New York Daily News.

'It's basically rewarding a guy who hasn't stood up and taken a stand against this stuff,' Stejskal said, according to the report. 'There's been no mea culpa, and instead he became a recluse. It reminds me of a passage from Proverbs: The wicked flee where no man pursueth.'"

Ron said...

On another note, a great quote from the Manager of my English soccer team, Chelsea. Carlo Ancelotti is, as you might expect, Italian, & his English is improving. Today, he came up with this gem:

"Footballers have been warned spitting on the pitch during games could raise the risk of spreading swine flu.

The Health Protection Agency said the habit of spitting 'could increase the risk of passing on infections'.

However, Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti said he was 'not worried' about the threat of swine flu at his club.

Ancelotti stated: 'The flu is not only on the pitch, it's everywhere. We take all the precautions and we want to think about playing, that's it. We are not worried about this problem because we've taken all the precautions. I know very well what I have to do if I have the flu. It's not a medical prescription. It's my grandmother's prescription - hot milk. Alcohol - red wine. Fantastic.'"

M.C. O'Connor said...

So--does he (McGwire) know anything about hitting?

Hmmmm, let's check: .263/.394/.588 lifetime (162 OPS+).

Works for me. If he can teach, he's a fookin' gold mine.