Friday, March 26, 2010

Know Thy Enemy V

The final preview piece is up at Dodger Dugout. There's a lot of talent on that squad. They've won the West two years running, with 84 wins (2008) and 95 wins (2009). It's hard to believe, barring injury, they won't win 90 games in 2010. I'm hoping for some cruelty by the baseball gods, some regression, and lots of Vicente Padilla being Vicente Padilla. I do believe the West is wide-open this year, and there are big question marks on every team. I expect the race to be close and every fookin' game to matter. I'd like to believe that the McCourt Saga will hurt the Dodgers, but that's too nebulous for me to put much stock in. The whole mess just seems like a tug-o-war between a couple of world-class douchebags. I'm not so sure they're much different than a lot of the über-rich fucks who own sports teams, though, so I don't see the impact of it on the field. Perhaps there will be some inflexibility in the payroll, and they won't be able to make a big move mid-season, but that's a very wealthy franchise so I doubt it. They are still paying Jason Schmidt, Nomar Garciaparra, and Juan Pierre fer chrissakes! Frankly, I'm amazed the Dodgers don't win every year. Their brand is recognizable world-wide, the LA market is the richest in the country, and they own the stadium and the land outright. They should be the west coast Yankees! Fortunately, they aren't, and they haven't won a pennant since 1988. Let's hope it stays that way long enough for Herr Bow-Tie and his Troupe of Twerps to learn how to properly construct an offense.


p.s. I really enjoyed being a part of the "Know Thy Enemy" series and I'd like to give a shout-out to Robert Timm at Dodger Dugout for picking little ol' me to chime in. Since all the contributors answered the same six questions, I thought I'd run them and the responses as six separate posts. That way you can look them over without having to tread in enemy territory. I'm sick of Spring Training stories anyway, and the only thing left to do is whine about roster decisions. I want to think about the race and the upcoming season!


Ron said...

Not great, but a big improvement!:

4.0 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 7 K, 2 BB

Cy Young #3 guaranteed?

M.C. O'Connor said...

No reason why Tim can't be the best pitcher AGAIN. OK, there are SOME reasons, just not ones I prefer to think about.

Kevin Frandsen is gone. Does that mean Velez makes the team? Ugh.

Brian Wilson gets a raise and an extension. Uh, why exactly? I agree he was GREAT last year, but spending all that money for relief pitchers seems nuts to me. That's the easiest position in baseball to fill!!! Both he and Affeldt were ALREADY UNDER TEAM CONTROL. Wilson is ours until 2013. Is he really the next Mariano Rivera? Closers come and go--remember Nen? We paid him to be hurt. Blownitez? We paid him to suck. Joe Nathan? Needs surgery. Eric Gagne? Lucky to get a minor league deal. Brad Lidge? Brad Lidge, anyone? Imagine if Wilson's 2010 or 11 or 12 or 13 is like Lidge's 2009.

I'm confused. Not upset. Just confused. I like Wilson. I do. But I'm confused.

Zo said...

From Baggs: "'It's academic,' said Brian Sabean." I may be somewhat unhip to baseball lingo, and maybe not that smart either, but can anyone please explain what this phrase means in this situation? Please?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Translation: I'm Brian Sabean, major-league GM. You are an ignorant fuck. I'm not beholden to you, so fuck off.