Sunday, March 7, 2010

Surprise rainout

Today's rainout in Surprise, Arizona was a big disappointment. I was so looking forward to drinking a beer and sitting outside and listening to the radio. It is beautiful--sunny and 60s here in the State of Jefferson, although the forecast says it will drop below 20 ºF tonight. Hard to believe as I sit here in shorts and daub my nose with sunscreen. The potential Lincecum-Posey battery was whetting my starved baseball appetite. The gods--again--conspired against Buster. We'll see if Ol' Boch recovers and pencils in our Golden Boy next time out. Let's hope there's a lot more of Thomas Neal and Brandon Crawford and Matt Downs and Conor Gillaspie and John Bowker and Forgotten FreddieLew and the rest of the Young Turks in the coming days. I keep thinking we could have the best (and most expensive) bench in the NL with Molina and DeRosa and Huff and FSanchez. Be nice to find a spot on the pine for Rowand and Renteria as well! I can dream, can't I?

p.s. Emmanuel Burriss' second foot injury news was a real shame. I always thought he was a great story, even if it looks like he'll never be a major-league hitter.



Zo said...

Y'all see this?
It is pretty much how I feel. I wish to hell we could debate whether Zito is or is not a better pitcher than someone else, not whether he is more cost-effective. But we can't and I hate it, too.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I don't have a problem with the economics of "all this." What the hell, it's a BUSINESS. Money is part of the equation. Money is why I'm not a season ticket holder. Money is why I go to so few games. Money is what I spend so I can listen on the (internet) radio and watch on TV. Hell, TV used to be free. It ain't anymore, so I have to make a business decision to FOLLOW the freakin' Giants.

Ay fan who thinks Zito's contract is NOT an issue is a fool. Regardless of his performance, the fact that the Giants are devoting 20% of the payroll to him makes it a problem to sign guys like Sandoval and Lincecum to long-term deals, and fans will surely notice THAT issue when the time comes.

And what's wrong with kids wanting to be GMs? I knew when I was 9 years old that I'd never be a ballplayer.

BTW, nice link. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yo, as of 7:30 PM (Eastern time), the Dodgers have six hundred sixty members in their community on Bleacher Report. 666! What did I say? The Dodgers are the team of the devil. They are in the South part of Cali, they are the easiest to be tempted by, etc. Spread the word.