Sunday, October 30, 2011

If it's not too dear . . .

So the Giants threw money at Jeremy Affeldt and Javier Lopez. Like that worries you? The Giants may be the worst team in the league at allocating costs for all we know. And you know what it means? Nothing. The Giants believe in left-handed pitching. Hell,they believe in all pitching. Old pitching, young pitching, homegrown pitching, free-agent pitching, used-to-be-a-shortstop pitching, you know, pitching. So the Giants spent money on pitching, so get used to it. You want to know the Giants offensive plans for next year? Pablo Sandoval, Buster Posey, and you pick 'em. I pick Brandon Belt. That's it. So get used to lots of pitching.

Speaking of the whole world getting waaaaayyy too expensive, it will now cost me $210 to sponsor Matt Cain's Baseball-Reference page! Yikes. It used to be something like $20. Oh, what to do?



nomisnala said...

Speaking of pitching, if no one holds the rights to Jerome Williams, I expect the giants to try to at least sign him to a minor league contract. OK he is a righty, but maybe they will try to double down on former pitchers and see if they can create another Vogelsong.

Ron said...

Well, if it's pitching that we need, then I say save most of the $9M to put toward any future long-term Tim Lincecum contract.

Come on ... we have recently been paying super-studs like Sergio Romo close to league minimum & now we're going to spend $9M on some aging, one batter-at-a-time vets? That's not the modern way to build a roster. Sergio Romo deserves that kind of money (but won't get it in the current system of compensation).

Bigger note: Beltran has changed agents. I don't know whether that's any better for us, but Boras is always a pain.

There's been a fair amount of Coco Crisp buzz lately. As much as I like turning my cereal milk all chocolatey, it doesn't impress me that much.

M.C. O'Connor said...

How about a 1-year deal for Grady Sizemore?

I'd rather stick with Torres than go with Crisp.