Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Boy ... More Inter-League Play!

Here's some fun news ... apparently, the Astros are moving to the AL in 2013. As part of the proposed new MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement, there will now be six 5-team divisions, with an even number of teams in each league. That means that every single day of every single season, someone will be playing an inter-league game. In fact, according to the story I just read, there will be 'considerably more inter-league play'. Somehow, I have a feeling that this means that we'll end up playing the A's more than anyone else. Overall, it sounds like a scheduling debacle. Let's enjoy our final season of even numbers of teams in each league, the way that God intended it to be.

Oh ... and sign C-L-B (Cain, Lincecum, & Beltran)!

And, Ryan Doumit is a decent player, but wants a lot of money to be a back-up Catcher. Is Hector Sanchez not the answer? Well, no, he may not be, but I don't know about that kind of money for Doumit. He is a switch-hitter & plays 1B & OF, too, so those are plusses.


Zo said...

Yeah, that is so Bud Selig and horrible to contemplate. They still think the NBA model is what is worth emulating (wait, aren't NBA owners complaining about how they can't make any money?). Also, the NBA has about 12 fans that attend each game until the playoffs start. More playoff games, more rounds. Hope you enjoyed this year, the 5 team per league playoff idea would have meant that last September 29, perhaps the most exciting last day in baseball history, would not have happened. It would have been a bye for the Cardinals, Atlanta, Boston and Tampa.

I don't know how they will work out a schedule - probably 3 games against each American League team, except 6 against your "natural" other-league rival, and then 12 against each of your division rivals and 6 against non-division NL teams. That's 159 games, more playoffs! And yes, one day the Giants will be playing the Baltimore Orioles on the final day of the season.

nomisnala said...

I for one am not a big fan of interleague play. As a matter of opinion, I would prefer that they abandon the entire idea of interleague play. Except for hometown interleague play, I find most interleague games among the worst games to watch. Both interleague games and Selig must go.

M.C. O'Connor said...

There are currently 14 teams in the AL (5,5,4) and 16 in the NL (5,6,5), so I assume you meant "Let's enjoy our final season of UN-even numbers of teams in each league, the way that God intended it to be."

I'm not in favor of more playoffs, but I can see the logic of equal divisions and thus equal chances of getting a playoff spot. I'd prefer a balanced schedule, but . . .

Wasn't it just a little while ago all the scribes were lamenting the last of the "true" pennant races (pre-Div) and then the last of the "true" (pre-Wild Card) division races? And then all that crazy shit happened last season and we forgot all about that stuff? I suspect ridiculous and exciting races will still happen.

And the Giants needn't worry about inter-league play--going to Arizona and Colorado feels like going to the AL. Doesn't it? I say kick 'em out and move Seattle and Oakland into the NL.

I'm impressed that I could get Ryan Doumit out of the comments and into a post! OF COURSE HE WANTS A LOT OF MONEY. That is how it works. I'm not suggesting we need Ryan Doumit, just that a better backup would be nice as ours were cruelly exposed last season.

Zo said...

Ryan Doumit. Grady Sizemore ( Is this a mis-direction play from Brian Sabean to make Carlos Beltran think he is not wanted here before they surprise him with an offer?

And what, pray tell, is the point of this: ?

nomisnala said...

By the time Sabean moves on Beltran it just may be too late as some other team may just grab him before Sabes gets off his state of inertness.