Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas, mates

So you've picked up the story by now about Bud & His Billionaires giving the nod to the Athletics moving from Oakland to San Jose. I'm sure LarryB & The Consortium will fargle something about "territorial rights" and demand deceased presidents by the pallet-full, but I've no sense about money-making or corporate voodoo. If I did I'd be in The Marketplace making markets or something, fingering my filthy lucre. But you don't come to Raising Matt Cain for sober analysis. I assume Lewie & The Wolffs will have to make some kind of payoff, maybe they'll bungle it and scandals will ensue. That might make the thing exciting. I think the Giants should move their San Jose farm club to Oakland--that'll show 'em!

But it's Christmas Eve and all, don't want no Grinchitude spoiling things. I'll be posting a series over the next two weeks I'll call "Twelve for 2012." I'll look at twelve 2012 Giants and get excited about watching them play this upcoming season. It's the Twelve Days of Christmas, after all.

We'll have an epiphany at the end.



Frank Contreras said...

Merry Christmas to you as well, MC, as well as the rest of the RMC rotation. I look forward to the series! Hope you all enjoy the holidays.

I still visit the site everyday (just about) even if I don't post much. Just wanted to let y'all know that :)

P.S. I just discovered that I can just type in my name and post instead of having to sign into LiveJournal (which hasn't worked in months) or post Anon. The gift of new knowledge!

Brother Bob said...

Good Yule to Y'all. I too visit daily, but the hot-stove stuff leaves me cold.