Monday, December 12, 2011

Proud Sponsor!

Raising Matt Cain is now the proud sponsor of Conor Gillaspie! At least his page on Baseball-Reference. I used to sponsor Matt Cain, but he got a little expensive. Conor Michael Gillaspie was a bit more in my price range. (That means I'm cheap.) So, check out Conor Gillaspie.

Gillaspie was a first-round pick the same year as Buster Posey (Gerald was fifth overall). CMG was a "supplemental pick," compensation for Pedro Feliz, and was the 37th man chosen. I have a soft spot for the lad and hope he becomes Freddy Sanchez' backup. I mean the guy they use other than Mike Fontenot (I prefer him over Jeff Keppinger) and (gulp) Emmanuel Burriss. Not to dog on Manny, but I think they are dreaming. Of course, he was a first-rounder (no. 33), the same year (2006) Tim Lincecum was picked tenth.

You want a Youth Movement? We got a Youth Movement. Go, C.M.!



Ron said...

You obviously hate Puerto Ricans. You could have easily chosen Angel Pagan or Javier Lopez.

On the other hand, I would have picked Hector Sanchez.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Pagan was taken. Lopez was $85! HS would have been a good choice, only $25 (CMG was $30). Plus, I'd like to see him get a shot over Stewart.

Which one--HS or CMG--will make the team out of Spring? Will either one?

We should start rosterbating pretty soon.

Shankbone said...

Love your guys site, and I just sponsored Hector for the hell of it. Hope they give CMG some reps at 2nd to give him some versatility.

Never too early for roster moves. I think if H Sanchez rakes out of spring training he's making the team. Posey will need significant time off next year. I can't take any more animal nicknames so I threw up Pablito as a possibility.

Cheers, Shank

Zo said...

The Giants just freed up some money! Sign Carlos Beltran!!

M.C. O'Connor said...


T'anks, mate. And Go, Hector!


Carlos will take a discount and sign for the ML-minimum, eh? Gotta love Rowand hanging on and fighting for a job even with $13M coming his way. I mean, I'm glad he's gone, but he's still got the fire in his belly, still wants to play.

nomisnala said...

Rowand hit well in the old Marlin's stadium. He could be a useful 7th outfielder.We complain that lead legs Keppinger is not athletic and then we rag on Burriss. Lets see what Burriss can do from the right side. No strike out Keppinger I think K'd 3 times in one game with the giants with runners on third and only one out. He K'd only 8 times before coming to the giants last year, and it seems on the giants he had K'd at least 8 times in one particular week. He faded. Plus the man does not take a walk.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Manny's B-R #1 comp is Joe Strain. Remember Joe? Fun times at the 'Stick, shitty teams.

Manny has logged over 1500 PA in the minors with a .285/.348/.344 line. Note OBP > SLG !! I can't see him as anything other than a backup utility player. He's from Kent State, where the late Thurman Munson, Steve Stone, and Dustin Hermanson are also alums. They are the "Golden Flash" which sounds like something old men do with raincoats.

Here's a note on Burriss from the KSU website:

He lettered at KSU from 2004-06 and is the school's all-time stolen bases leader with 92. Burriss earned Second Team Baseball America and Third Team American Baseball Coaches Association All-America honors in addition to garnering Mid-American Conference Player of the Year selection in 2006. He led the Flashes in runs (70, third on the school's single-season records list), triples (3) and stolen bases (42, first on the school's single-season records list) that season.

Run like the wind, Manny!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Andy Sonnanstine is also a Golden Flash.

Jesse Radin said...

Glad Conor has a sponsor... I'm his biggest fan!

I hope he gets a shot to start soon. I think he would hit better than Fontenot or Keppinger even in 2012, and I am sure he would by 2013.