Saturday, March 3, 2012

It Begins!

Spring has sprung!  The 2012 San Francisco Giants began their preamble to greatness with the opener of the Cactus League.  I'm pretty sure there was a final score...yep, Arizona won 9-6...but more importantly, it has STARTED!  Where it will end, no one knows. The journey is the joy...and I can't wait for it to begin. So as the wise man once said, "Let's Get it On."

I must admit that I did not follow the entire game. It was far too lovely outside, besides when we start using pitchers with the number 86 (turns out to be some guy named Hector Correa) that is a clear reminder that it is play time in the desert.  I can report that Tim Lincecum got in his scheduled 33 pitches (9 batters and 6 outs, 4 singles, 1 run, 2 strikeouts). Hard to analyze that sample, and what does it matter any way? He didn't get hurt and that is all that really matters.  Will Tim's fastball control get back to where it will carry him to the highest level again? Only time will tell.

I did have one question for the masses:  What do you think of the new two Wild Card system?  Sure makes it a bigger advantage to win a division now. Does it help or hurt OUR chances?  What do you guys think?


M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm glad the Giants won before they switched. On the plus side, more playoff teams means better chance of getting in. (They really need to make the divisions equal-sized.) On the minus, the 'short series effect' just got magnified by this, and that makes it dicier for any club. Lose one game and get knocked out? Yikes. Best to win the Division then, eh?

nomisnala said...

so now you get a one game playoff for being the second wildcard, you used to have to tie for the wildcard to get that one game playoff.

Zo said...

Jon is back, sounding rather optimistic! Spring really must be here. The Chronic said that Tim used fastballs and changeups. Nothing else. Here is what the extra series means - more money for MLB. Stay tuned for future ideas with the same basis.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Apparently one of the changes for 2012 only is a 2-3 format for the LDS instead of 2-2-1. The 2-3 is worst record-best record so winning the division means you go on the road!

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. There are 162 games to play first.

Speaking of games, tonight's is on TV! I hope Matt pitches--I expect it is his turn.

Ron said...

Has anyone heard any explanation as to why Buster Posey has not even so much as PH or DH'd yet? I am worried. Their off-season talk was that he was on-schedule to be a Spring Training participant. Is there a new company line?