Saturday, June 16, 2012

Same Ol' Tim

Start #14   Loss (2-8)   5 innings    5 hits (2 HR)    5 runs    2 walks    6 strikeouts

 Sorry, life is too short to talk about another Tim Lincecum caused loss, this time 7 - 4 to the Mariners. That makes nine in a row. I guess you could read the last Tim post, if you want that kind of punishment, every loss is starting to feel the same.

 It is the thirteenth anniversary with the love of my life. I'm going to stop doing this and go be with my gorgeous wife. Screw Tim.


Brother Bob said...

Despite the 1st inning homers, we held the lead for a while and coulda-shoulda won. Affeldt was no damn good also.
Theriot is a worthwhile subject I'd say. Three hits yesterday, and overall he's been a swell 2nd baseman for us. A pleasant surprise.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Happy Anniversary, laddie, but let's not go overboard. You are a GIANTS fan first and foremost, and there's always something to say about the ballclub. Besides, a few rough patches in the mostly charmed career of Tim Lincecum is no excuse for pouting.

Both Brandon Crawford and Joaquin Arias made mental errors on plays right in front of them and they cost the team big time. Ryan Theriot has done everything well the last few weeks, no doubt. Melky Cabrera only got one hit--what's up with that?