Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Rook Gets It Done

Hector Sanchez got the big hit in the 9th to bail out Matt Cain and the Giants. Brandon Belt, no-longer rook, and Joaquin Arias, veteran rook, got the other big hits. It was a close one. Matty was on the hook for the loss, getting Cain'd like it was 2008. But the youngsters delivered in the clutch. Baggs had a tweet that said the Giants were 2-50 when trailing in the 8th inning before tonight. The Dodgers lost in Colorado for the second straight night, and the Giants lead by 3-1/2, their biggest lead of the season. I missed most of the game tonight, but I did get to see that ridiculous 5-6 foul pop fly out. Pablo Sandoval muffed it, but managed to swat it in the air, and Brandon Crawford plucked just before it hit the grass with a face-plant dive. You must watch it if you missed it. Panda gets the assist, B-Craw the putout. (On a foul pop fly out.) Whenever our rookie shortstop makes a play or gets a hit, I curl the fingers of my left hand in an arthritic hook, snap my arm up in a spastic salute, squawking, raven-like "B-Craw! B-Craw! B-Craw!" It's most satisfying. It think it could be the next thing.



p.s. Matt Cain.


Black Vulmea said...

I showed that video to my son and said, "And that's why we do flip drills."

Shankbone said...

The kid stays in the picture. Stats do no back me up, but I cannot shake the feeling Hector Sanchez is a much better hitter than Whiteside or Stewart.

Matt Cain.