Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The new schedules are here! The new schedules are here!

That's just the kind of spontaneous excitement I've been needing!

I'm a pocket schedule kind of guy. Gotta have one in the wallet and one in the car. One for work, too. My lovely bride has one on the fridge. And a half dozen other places as well. After all, much of our lives from April to October are determined by the baseball schedule, so they ought to be scattered around for easy access. "So, hey, you guys going to the such-and-such social event?" That's the sort of thing I get all the goddamn time, and I have an easy answer: "Uh, lemme check the schedule." And I'm definitely not the smartphone kind of guy, I don't have a meThing on my person at all times, I have to dig out the billfold, unwrap the folded glossy paper and peer at the little orange and white boxes to see what my life holds for me. "Oh, man," I say, "big series in Philly comin' up, I just don't know." That gives me that "maybe," that little out, some wiggle room, so I can bail out of obligations when I need to. It's the perfect excuse to weasel my way past those things I feel like I gotta do but really don't wanna do if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

As you can see from the photo, the pocket schedule these days actually requires it's own pocket. It wasn't always so as I'm sure you remember. While we are at it, here's to those lovely retro pocket schedules, the ones we wouldn't leave home without when we were young, the ones you could get at any Chevron station or liquor store back in the day, the ones that used to be one-third the size they are now and squeezed all six months of the season onto one side. Of course, I didn't need 'progressive lenses' then, or maybe my arms were just longer. The new schedules are a little ridiculous now, requiring graduate work in topology to fold them properly, and containing far too much information (August 10: Fellowship Day!). But that's a quibble. It's great to have them around again, and the picture of Buster (tagging out Fielder in the Series) is priceless.

The new schedules are here, go out and grab some of your own.


Brother Bob said...

Not that this was ever in doubt, but this is further proof that you're a way bigger Giants fan than I ever was. It's cute, though.
What better time to be a Giants fan? And to be excited about the start of a new season? The World Champs are back nearly identical to last year's team, except now everyone is one year better and oozing swagger and cockiness.
I want to add a "What if?" to my list:
What if Hunter Pence plays and hits for the Giants like the perrenial MVP candidate he has been? His contribution last year was all that insanely intangible inspiration shit. Well this year how about a buttload of extra-base hits? That would be nice.
And what if Brandon Belt stays hot? He's been freakin incredible. And a Gold-Glover to boot, some day.

Big D said...

Best post of the month!

Shankbone said...

And now F/G and B/R have standardized WAR. What's the world coming to?