Monday, November 18, 2013

We Have 80% of a Great Starting Rotation!!!!!

"The Giants have agreed to terms on a two-year deal with right-hander Tim Hudson, according to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle."

I consider this to be excellent news.  Lots of $, but a short deal, for a perennial thorn in our side.  Having him on our team, instead of on another team, alone is worth something.  He's always been a top-notch pitcher, & Atlanta disintegrated when he got hurt last year.

This is a big deal - next up, Bronson Arroyo, I hope.

Giants in 2014!!!!!!!!!!


Zo said...

It would seem like move that anticipates one or more of the Giants minor league pitchers being expected to enter the rotation by the end of 2015. Also, our minor league pitching is precious, it will not likely be traded away for an outfielder. I am guessing that Vogelsong is still in play, does anyone know any better?

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm with you Ron, Hudson is a solid choice. He's an extreme ground ball pitcher, doesn't walk guys, doesn't give up the long ball. Yeah, he's old, but he's a sinkerballer--Rick Reuschel II. I like the move.

I'd like to see the Giants go after Dan Haren. Hard to say what this means about Vogie.

nomisnala said...

Would like to see a battle between re-signed Vogey , re-signed Gaudin and Y. Petit. Lets see if Petit figured it out, and by the way Gaudin has been a good starter throughout his career when given the chance, The other two can go to the Pen. Vogey is a fan favorite and should be a good fit, even if the giants ticked off his spouse.

Shankbone said...

Happy to have Huddy. Ground ball guy, BullDog, and he'll eat innings.

Not sure who I'd want to finish. The Gints have some time to let the market flesh out now.

You have Petit as a 6th, he is also a safety valve. Maybe they bring Vogey back. Looks like Haren is drawing a ton of interest, and Arroyo has multiple teams after him as well. Its good to sniff out the guy you can get and grab him. Pretty nice value here.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Josh Johnson is still out there. He may have linguine instead of tendons in his arm, but I've always liked him. The Giants might be able to pick him up without the bidding war that will surround Arroyo or possibly Haren. I hope they are out of the Nolasco sweepstakes--he supposedly wants 4 years. Plus I think he pitched his best ball ever for two months in LA and then the clock struck midnight and he was a pumpkin again.

Strange to think Vogie may not be part of the mix. I keep thinking he'll be back, and the Petit-Gaudin-Vogie three-heaed beast will produce a viable 5th starter. Let's hope they bring Lopez back.

And we haven't talked about LF!

David Nielson said...

I am better then ok with this. They grab a high upside arm from the Johnson Kazimer Tanaka bin and is down to knocking couple dents out on the Ugly Offense Machine and the 2014 squad will ready to roll!

Aka daveinexile

Ron said...

Today's news!:

"Giants Nearing Deal With Javier Lopez"

M.C. O'Connor said...

Pads grab Josh Johnson.

OK, not him.

Haren? Arroyo? Vogie?

I think Vogie with a Gaudin/Petit fight for "6th man."

Shankbone said...

Edwin Escobar gets a shout out from the Chief. I think that's a pretty important thing to keep in mind. Sabean scouted him personally last year up in New Hampshire, and he obviously tore through 2 levels of play.

They may be confident enough to stay light on the 5th guy right now. They can always try to trade at the winter meetings, or they could get into the Tanaka bidding at the last minute.

I have to think Surkamp and Kickham are trade bait right now.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Lopez: 3/13.

nomisnala said...

Kickham probably isn't even minor league trade bait. I think we have 80% of our starting rotation. Who will sign Jonathan Sanchez to a minor league contract this year? If Prince Fielder can be traded, I guess Pablo could be traded. Maybe if they sold royal crown head gear for Fielder, and made a ton of money on it, he would not have been so easily traded. Lucky for Pablo, the giants are making a killing on Panda head gear.