Monday, February 24, 2014

Double Tim

After yet another lengthy winter hibernation, I wake to see the same baseball world that I departed just last fall. Sure, there’s a new toy in left (personally I expect a good month from Morse, at best, however when the games count he will be a PH and Blanco/Perez will be our guy) but the rest of the lineup is remarkably familiar. We clearly think we already have the needed parts. I can’t disagree.  Furthermore, I know the familiar, needed part that is the key: Our beloved Giants chances to reach that high ground once again rest, largely, on my personal fixation: Tim Lincecum.

 (Disclaimer: I have claimed The Freak as the team MVP pretty much since his arrival.  Certainly a little over the top, especially since Buster is pretty good too. But, the Timmeh factor, for good or bad, is still the key to me.) 
It would seem that our organization feels the same way.  The Giants aggressively grabbed up Tim; making him the 33rd highest paid player, even though he has been arguably the worst regular starter in the NL for the last two seasons (20-26, with an ERA of 4.80).  Not only that, I truly believe that the  other big move of the off season was clearly made, in part, because of  its potential to help Lincecum. (Is it just me, or does EVERYTHING seem to revolve around The Freak? I know...its me.)

Of course, I am referring to Tim Hudson. One was not enough, so we got ANOTHER TIM!  This Tim probably has never heard of South Park's Timmeh, he is very bald (which is a GOOD thing), and, most importantly, he throws an out-machine groundball.  Which is EXACTLY the tool that the younger Tim has always lacked, and now desperately needs.  From all early indications, the two are inseparable. Let's hope they stay that way all year.  Number 3 and 4 (who cares which is which) in a rotation that HAS to be our strength if we want to keep up with the blue goo.  If Hudson/Lincecum are as good as I hope, then all the other pieces come together ( for example, a thin bullpen doesn't get stressed, lummox left fielders sit down more often, and terrifying #5 starters get a little pressure taken off ).  

So, in fact, my pre-season MVP choice is not just Tim. It is Tim and Tim.  Skinny Pandas, happy Brandons, and, even, Barry-educated Busters are all fine and dandy.  But Double Tim is what will get us into, and THROUGH, the playoffs.  Go Giants!!

Wanna not-really-so-crazy-cuz-he's-done it-before prediction?  Tim Lincecum will win his third Cy Young award this season.  Wanna know how I know?  I celebrate birthday number 55 this week.  Tim wears number 55.  Can't argue with that one.  Coincidental numbers are big mojo in these here parts.


M.C. O'Connor said...

He's going to have to pry the Cy from MadBum's left hand.

Brother Bob said...

Matt Cain would also benefit greatly by putting an emphasis on keeping pitches down.

nomisnala said...

It sounds as if this blog should have a name change to the sinking of Tim Lincecum's pitches. I could have said balls instead of pitches, but that would have been classless.

Brother Bob said...

As you get older your balls naturally get lower.