Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let's Go Get Cained

If you'd told me beforehand that Madison Bumgarner would throw a complete game in Coors Field and only allow two solo homers, I would have been happy. That spells "victory" to me. But I neglected to account for the continuing wretched state of the Giants offense. At least they put the ball in play (8 hits) tonight. They had two on with no out in the 2nd, and two on with one out in the 4th, 8th, and 9th, so there were, in theory, chances to score. Hunter Pence tied the game briefly with a solo shot in the 5th, and he and Michael Morse got a rally of sorts going in the 8th, but that was it. It wasn't a Coors Field ugly-fest like last night, and in fact it felt much like a game the Giants ought to win. But win they did not do, and won't do if they don't start scoring some goddamn runs. But you know that already.

Watching the Giants hit is like:
    (a) snorting corn starch
    (b) swallowing sandpaper
    (c) smoking sawdust
    (d) scarfing cat chow

I'll announce the winners later. Matt Cain at 12:10 tomorrow afternoon.



p.s. Seven homers by the Rockies in two games.

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