Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Stuff Tim

Game Summary:
Some lovely offense, big mistakes by Pittsburgh, and a magnificent bullpen job all highlighted a huge Giants win, 7-5 over the visiting Pirates. Two early leads were tossed away by a horrible Lincecum start, but the boys hung tough and scored late. That snaps a horrendous streak at home and will make tomorrow's off day much more tolerable.

Tim Facts:
Start #22  N.D.  (9-7, 4.21)  3.1 innings  5 hits  5 runs   5 earned runs  3 walks  2 strikeouts  2 hr

Nada. Zippo. Zilch. Tim Lincecum had nothing today. No command, no stuff to command anyway.  We finally got some offense and Lincecum tried his best to give it all back, twice giving up leads! We can definitely say that Tim's stretch of being the most effective starter is over.  We are back to wondering which Tim will finish the season.

High and/or Lowlights: 
Congrats to Andrew Susac on his first career hit and RBI.  This FNG looks pretty good to me.
It was nice to finally have some offensive highlights: multiple hits for Sandoval and Morse, a GREAT job in the 2 spot by BCraw (2 runs scored, on base 3 times) and a terrific day for Blanco (3-3, 2 RBI).
However, I still feel like the stars of the game were the bullpen again. 5.2 innings of one hit ball! That is DOMINANT!
Cool play tonight when we got a double play on a walk. I shit you not, check it out.
Goodbye Dan Uggla and Tyler Colvin.  Sorry you guys didn't help much / at all, good luck to ya.


M.C. O'Connor said...

I had high hopes for Colvin, that former #1 pick. Just goes to show what a crap shoot the draft is! Happy to see Susac get his first hit. He looks very relaxed and smooth behind the plate. Three catchers will be a nice problem to have when Hanchez comes back.

Man, we have seen some bad baseball. Thank god the Pirates had a crappy day. That walk-DP was amazing. Two baserunning mistakes, one right after the other to kill a rally. Good job by the Giants to seize the moment.

Indeed nice work from the 'pen--again!

Brother Bob said...

I was especially glad to see Blanco have a big game. He's someone who should be contributing more.

Zo said...

I also think Susac has a bright future. He is from Roseville, grew up a Giants fan. I also like Panik, even though he has not been a big offensive boost. At least he has not been a negative defensively, unlike the ill-fated Uggla experiment. I'm just hoping to get through the day without a desperation move. I don't think Sabean will make one, but a rental in return for some of our few minor league prospects doesn't thrill me, and we are thin enough that we cannot trade any of our front line. There is just no well there. I'm kind of amazed that Lester is now an A and Cespedes is now a Red Sox.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, me too. A's add a serious ace-type starter for a slugging OF. They are in a unique spot having the best record but in the same division as the 2nd-best record. For all their accomplishments this season they might not win the division! Adding Lester means they have better chance of that, and if they get to post-season series they have another arm to rely on. It's bold--they are betting all their chips on 2014.

Meanwhile the Giants are on their own strange path to wherever they are going. This team is weird!

JC Parsons said...

I know I'm obsessed but, I often think that Tim personifies the team (silly, I know) so calling them weird is perfect. Sometimes fabulous, other times horrible, always confusing. It is so hard to know what comes next, harder still to expect success.
I'm petty therefore quite annoyed at the A's. Bold, interesting moves that are pissing me off for no reason. Maybe because I'm waiting for what Sabean will do and not expecting much. What can he do? I don't see us with a lot of bargaining power.