Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cactus League Action!

The Giants played their first game of 2016 today and managed a clinical 4-1 win over the LA Angels. The hitting stars were Conor Gillaspie (solo homer) and Christian Arroyo (RBI double). The bullpen--Braulio Lara, Clayton Blackburn, Mike Broadway, Javier Lopez, Derek Law, and George Kontos--delivered seven scoreless in relief of starter Jeff Samardzija. The big righty, who signed a five-year deal with the orange-and-black in the off-season, admitted to some jitters:
"It's like the first day of school," he said. "You've been thinking about this moment for about four months now."
 No kidding. I know it's only Spring Training but bloggers need practice games, too.



p.s. It was great to hear the radio guys (via mlb audio). Still my favorite way to follow baseball.


nomisnala said...

Let the games begin. Best time of the year.

Ron said...

Is it just me, or does the interminable delay before Tim Lincecum's 'showcase' smell like he's done? I hope not, but it seems odd for someone to get everyone all jacked up back in January, then postpone the event until just before the season starts (the latest projection is that it will take place round about March 22). Plus, there have been no 'leaks' that I am aware of about how well he is progressing. On the other hand, maybe the strategy is for other Pitchers to get injured during Spring Training, so that Teams are desperate for help, when Lincecum finally emerges. It's certainly unlikely that he's ready to slot into anyone's starting rotation, if he's not even going to throw publicly until late March. Part of me still hopes that he finds some kind of role with the Giants.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Me, too. I just don't want to see him in another uniform! But I agree, it seems that the so-called "showcase" is more hype than reality.

Ron said...

Today's update - still smells bad:

'Former two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum is currently a free agent and rehabbing from hip surgery. He'll soon throw for teams and look to sign a contract. For the time being, Lincecum is working out in Arizona preparing for his showcase. Where exactly is he working out? That's a secret. So much so that Royals scouts were escorted away when they found it. There's some potential for a good crime drama here. Or maybe a comedy. "Area 55: Timmy Secret Valley Spot." It's a working title. Cut me some slack. Anyway, Lincecum will throw for teams at some point soon. He's struggled the last few years and the hope is he will be able to regain some effectiveness with a healthy hip. I'm guessing more than a few teams will be willing to bring him aboard as a reclamation project.'