Wednesday, July 19, 2017


SF 5  CLE 4
It was good work by Matt Cain today in his new spot-starter-out-of-the-bullpen role: six innings, five hits, three runs (all in one inning), two walks (both scored), five strikeouts, no homers. He even got a base hit! Alas, the lineup could not score the tying run despite having some good chances and he left with the team losing 3-2. The Indians added another run in the 8th and it looked for all the world like another Caining. But the home squad, undaunted, rallied in the bottom half, scratching out a run to make it 4-3. Then Buster Posey, pinch-hitting with two on and two outs, roped a two-run double to make it 5-4 Giants. It was one of the more exciting moments of the season, I must say. Sam Dyson scared the crap out of everyone but managed to close the door and seal the hard-earned victory. That's a series win against a talented squad. Let's see some more of that!

Denard Span continues to shine, scoring two runs and driving in another (himself!) with a double and a splash-hit homer. If he can stay healthy he solves a big outfield problem for next season, that of having a competent major-leaguer out there regularly.

I don't know if you saw this tweet from Baggs in the sidebar:
Tyler Beede threw 7 strong innings today. At 109 IP. Would make sense to promote him, maybe use in relief for a bit, then join SF rotation.
I'm very curious about Beede (rhymes with 'beady') and would love to see him sooner rather than later. He turned 24 in May and has about 400 IP in the minors after three years at Vanderbilt. He's a two-time first-round draft pick, first by the Blue Jays in 2011 (21st) and then by the Giants in 2014 (14th).

Padres come to town for four starting tomorrow night. GO GIANTS!



Zo said...

That ninth was scary. But, for a change, it did not fall apart. I guess we're due a few of those.

M.C. O'Connor said...


I should have said "rhymes with seedy."

M.C. O'Connor said...

Minor league deal for Panda imminent. Best possible scenario. If he has anything left he'll have to prove it at AAA, Boston is paying his salary, no commitments by the club. What the hell the Giants have a hole at 3B, let's get the bodies stacked up for next year.

campanari said...

Mega-pound Panda! So awful that Boston will swallow $50,000,000 in wasted money to get rid of him. So narcissistic that he wouldn't get in shape to play for his new paymasters, his new team, or his new fans. So ungrateful that he bad mouthed the Giants who had brought him through the minors and rewarded him, and whose addled fans idolized him. And this as far as we know worthless player and infantile human being is being brought in to take playing time away from the young minor leaguers who are the team's current hopes for the future.

This is the move that one can expect, I guess, from a team that rehired Mike Morse to bumble about belovedly in the outfield. They seem unaccountably unable to play baseball, so they fall back on a desperate nostalgia.

Zo said...

I agree with Campanari. Put the team in cheap tuxedos and let's watch them in the Farmington, New Mexico Holiday Inn, lip-synching some of their past hits to their over-the-hill fan base getting drunk on watered down Old Crow and flicking their lighters. I don't see anything good that comes of this.

nomisnala said...

this is a low risk situation. Maybe the giants brass knows something. Maybe not, the odds of this failing are high, but once in a while something turns around. Its benefit risk ratio is not the best, but I never thought Boston would be a good match for him.

Ron said...

And, now, Romo may be available, too!

El said...

The Sox watched Pablo for 2.5 years, and decided they'd rather eat $50 million and have Marrero & Lin - with 2,000 Minor League AB each - and their .636 / 638 OPS play 3B.

A team in desperate need at a position saw a player who can't hit, field, throw, or run.

Giving Pablo even 1 AB anywhere in the organization is about the stupidest decision possible.