Thursday, January 16, 2020

All Smyles and a Distaff Staff

The Giants picked up lefty Drew Smyly, signing him to a 1-yr deal for around $4M. Trevor Oaks was cut loose to make a roster spot for Smyly. It's a familiar-feeling move, a low-cost gamble on a once-promising but recently-injured pitcher. Here's GM Scott Harris (from The Athletic):
 “One is the stuff,” Harris said. “He has a four-pitch mix and the weapons to attack left-handed and right-handed hitters in a variety of ways. We want to connect him with our pitching infrastructure and give him a plan to get through lineups multiple times. He’ll pitch up with the fastball, move the cutter around and drop in curveballs and changeups. The second thing is the health. When he was in Philly with Gabe, the underlying performance was interesting. He had a 26 percent strikeout rate.
“And based on the prior history I have with him and Kap has with him, he has a huge chip on his shoulder and something to prove. We’re both very confident he’s a player and person who will do the most he possibly can to be the most dominant version of himself on the mound.”
OK, how about that newspeak? "We want to connect him with our pitching infrastructure." Uhh, that's cool. Do teams really have "pitching infrastructures?" I guess so. You know what? I'm down with it. It takes a goddamn village. Baseball is hard. The more help, the better.

Speaking of more help, Gabe Kapler has added two more coaches. One is notable for being Buster Posey's teammate at Florida State, the other is notable for having two X-chromosomes. That's right, the Giants have a female coach, the first in the major leagues. The fella is Mark Hallberg, formerly the manager at Salem-Keizer (A-league), and the gal is Alyssa Nakken, who has been with the organization since 2014. She played softball ball at Sac State. Welcome aboard! We'll get you all sorted out later.



Zo said...

Note to world: If Aubrey Huff can't shut the fuck up, then how about a moratorium, forever, on reporting on anything he has to say, write, tweet or think. The guy was a buffoon when he was a Giant, but tolerable because he was on a pennant-winning team. Now he is just an embarrassment to humanity. Racist, misogynist, call it what you will, he's an asshole, but he also has no importance and no newsworthiness.

M.C. O'Connor said...

The flip side of the First Amendment is that douchebags get to say what's on their minds, too. It's just one of those things we have to put up with. I try to pay attention to stuff that stimulates me and I try not to pay attention to stuff that is stupid and useless.

I'm a big fan of Phillip K. Dick. His novels feature a technology called "homeopapes." A guy walks up to a newspaper vending machine and the device prints out a paper customized to him! He only gets the news he wants. That's the internet, baby. You can customize the news to suit yourself.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Joe Panik signed a minor-league deal with the Jays.