Saturday, July 4, 2020

Summer Camp

Now that is a terrible name, don't you think? Summer camps are cancelled all over the country and MLB has the genius idea to call the pre-season Summer Camp. Here's a photo I stole from Andrew Baggarly's article in The Athletic:

Yup, looks like summer camp. Here's Jeff Samardzija:
… Everything is not great and fluffy. This is not a good time. But we need to figure out how to get things done in a bad time. And I think if we work together and trust each other and don’t do anything stupid, then we’ll be all right.
That sort of sums it up for me. Playing sports in the midst of a pandemic might be a really stupid idea. At the same time, if they can pull it off and be (relatively) safe then who can argue with some baseball for the rest of the summer? I said it before and it bears repeating: sports and other such ventures could serve as a model for more critical things like re-opening schools. What we learn from MLB's re-start might inform us as to the best way re-start other events. That's the optimistic outlook, and I'm going to stick with that.

The Giants announced a second positive test for COVID-19, pitcher Luis Madero. Athletes are interesting test cases in that they are young, unusually fit, and generally have access to excellent medical care. Most of them may not have long-lasting complications from the infection, but of course they could transmit the disease to family members and friends who are not as physically prepared. It is a big concern for many of the players, as you would expect. Health care workers and others in critical jobs face that dilemma daily. If you have not heard Mike Trout express his concerns you might check out the article and give him a listen.

Across the league Freddie Freeman, Will Smith, Touki Toussaint, Pete Kozma (all ATL), Tommy Pham (SD), Willians Astudillo (MIN), Delino DeShields, Jr. (CLE), Brett Martin (TEX), and Salvador Perez (KC) have all tested positive for the virus. (Teams only have to release test numbers, the players have to consent to being publicly named.) Welington Castillo, a ten-year veteran catcher on the Nationals, is the latest to opt out of 2020.

The Giants added Will Wilson to the 60-man camp squad. He was the 15th pick of the 2019 draft and came over to the Giants from the Angels. The Giants bought out Zack Cozart's contract and got Wilson in the bargain (Cozart was released). He'll be 22 on the 21st of this month and has not played above rookie-ball. At NC State he was a middle infielder with pop (and a teammate of Patrick Bailey).



 p.s. Here's the Pence Bump (from the Giants website):


M.C. O'Connor said...

David Price opts-out of playing in 2020.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Aaron Nola, DJ LeMahieu added to the list of COVID-19 positive. There were others but I didn't recognize their names. Those two guys are stars!

Ron said...

This whole thing is idiotic. If someone dies, because contact tracing shows that they were in contact w/ a Player or Player's Family Member, the lawsuit will be massive. Greedy Owners could lose their Franchises. That would teach them for screwing around w/ people's lives. If a Player dies, then that's the end of the line for the current 'MLB Ownership / MLBPA / TV Network' relationship - the whole sport or sports world might get turned upside down.

Broken record alert:

- European Football Leagues & the Asian Baseball Leagues only resumed AFTER the curve had not just been flattened, but had approached a handful of cases in each Country & nearly -0- fatalities. We aren't even close to that point in the US. The predictable result is an increasing parade of cases among the Athletes, even though all that they've done so far is practice together.

Idiotic - it's not worth it. Tell the Players to go enjoy a European Vacation, & come back in Feb. '21 ... oh, wait ... Europe (rightfully) won't let them in, because they've been hanging around in the most mis-managed, anti-science Country in the World, where collective sacrifice to solve a National crisis gets superseded by the 'freedom' demanded by selfish, irresponsible, ignorant cult members. God help us all.

M.C. O'Connor said...

~50,000 new cases per day is alarming. Doesn't bode well for the season. I guess we'll have the NBA laboratory going pretty soon. I understand they just shut down two practice venues (Kings and Bucks). It could be a real mess!

M.C. O'Connor said...

NPB is allowing fans back. They expect 50% capacity by August 1st.