Wednesday, April 9, 2008

¡Sanchez es Fabuloso!

El Lefty Bueno showed his stuff tonight: 10 Puds got the full-on K-treatment! Outstanding! The highlights--other than ELB--were Fred Lewis' game-saving catch-and-throw, Taschner's relief of Valdez in the 8th, and Daniel "No More Lefty-Loosie" Ortmeier's winning hit. Overlooked: Bengie's leadoff hit in the 9th and tag-out at home on Lewis' throw (good thing it was Edmonds running). He's a gamer, baby, that Bengie Molina. Se├▒or Clutch! Bocock continues to impress. Frightening when a single-A rookie shows better plate discipline than our free-agent CF, but that's quibbling, eh? A WIN IS A WIN, especially against a division foe.

I was furious when Bonehead let Sanchez pitch the 7th. The kid just threw 6 innings of 1-hit, 10-strikeout ball, 90 pitches, and Bonehead didn't sit him down. I said at the time "nothing good will come of this." JCP is my witness! Thank goodness for Fred Lewis saving the inning. THERE WAS NO GOOD REASON TO PUT HIM OUT THERE! He'd been brilliant. He wasn't going to finish the inning anyway. That's why you have Valdez and Threets and Taschner. Not only that, relief pitchers do better when they START innings, fer chrissakes. Bonehead move, Bonehead.

Best start of the new season. Let's hope we see more like tonight from El Lefty Bueno.

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Zo said...

This was a truly impressive pitching performance, if it does not get baseball observers to talk about Sanchez in the same breath as Cain and Lincecum, it will only be because it is just one fabulous outing - so far. It clearly demonstrates his potential, and I don't see why he couldn't perform that way again, often. He has the stuff, he had the demeanor last night. Oh yeah, gaminess, too or whatever the Giants are made up of this year. I have to admit, I have always loved a 1-0 game more than anything. It might be disappointing to have zero runs because your offense is so pathetic, but that would be dismissive of Justin Germano, who turned in a damn good 6 innings himself. Noah who? Is that really true that relievers do better when they start an inning? It seems logical.