Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tim's Report Card!

If you are a Lincecum freak like me, then you have been anxiously awaiting BayCityBall's PITCHf/x analysis of Timmy. These reports are terrific and an absolute MUST READ for all Giants faithful. I was most surprised at Tim's numbers relating to swings and misses. It turns out batters swing and miss his changeup almost a quarter of the time. I always thought 10 - 15% was really good. Hit that link and give it a good read, I guarantee you will learn something. Besides, how can you not love I guy that writes like this:

"The first rule of being a Giants fan is 'You must love Tim Lincecum' if not, I’m sorry but you can’t join our club full of sadsacks. Tim Lincecum is awesome. Tim Lincecum gives me hope. I bet Tim Lincecum even smells nice."

He smells like victory. Unfortunately Brian Wilson has a different fragrance hanging over him tonight. Tim went six strong innings, giving up seven singles, one run, one walk and seven strikeouts. The bullpen looked like it could hold on, but then Wilson started the ninth with a walk and there went the save. I really thought the one difference from last year would be fewer blown saves....oh well, Tim sure was good, wasn't he?

Household chores, a ticking clock, and a premonition of a poor ending are all conspiring to send me away now. I'll admit it, I'm afraid to hear the ending. I know I'm weak, but am I evil?


M.C. O'Connor said...

You are not evil. It is OK to be weak. If we were a GOOD team, then you would be evil AND weak. (I will admit that my 0515 alarm forces me to miss extra innings of weeknight West coast games as well.) I'm not upset at Wilson. I think both he and Hennessey will find their mojo and be effective this year. Too bad Tim didn't get a win, but he showed his electric stuff and icewater veins, and that is sure a tonic for this dismal team.

Roberts on the DL . . . fuck him! DFA! DFA! When do the "Bengie's Clutch" and "Bengie's a Gamer" articles start in the Chronicle?

Zo said...

You are not evil. Occasionally foolish, perhaps. Sometimes weird. And now and then, I think you tend.....wait, what were we talking about here? Oh, right, Lincecum. Looked damn good (collected, confident) getting out of jams. Hennessey looked very good too, after a horrible spring. It is hard not to think that the Giants are going to choke on another one, just because of our offense. Our offense is weak. Fans remaining for fireworks after 11 innings on a cold, cold evening - damn few. Tickets available for upcoming games - many.

JC Parsons said...

Nice that both of you guys agree that I am not evil. Since you are both such experts on that topic, I feel completely exonerated.

Hey, my quit early strategy worked! Maybe I'll do it every time we have extra innings. I am willing to make that sacrifice...this year...and probably next...hopefully that's all.