Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Barry & Leon

Good sportswriting is easy to find these days if you look outside of the "traditional" media and cruise the electronic world. One of my favorites is Edge of Sports, featuring the estimable Dave Zirin. In his latest piece, Boss's Boycott: The Bonds Vanishes, he compares our very own Barry Lamar to none other than LEON TROTSKY. Now Mr. Bonds has been described as The Devil Incarnate by many a "sportswriter," but this is the first time he's been linked with a commie revolutionary. For that alone, Mr. Zirin deserves your ear.

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(Both these images are taken from Wikimedia Commons and are in the public domain.)


Anonymous said...

SIR says I loved the article when I read it yesterday, but the picture of Leon ... looks just like Zo ... so I just had to say so.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
The Bonds saga is a lesson in "being in the here and now." He was a thrill ride while he played, but we are allowed to have no nostalgia about him; can never proudly state that we got to see him play.
In the middle act of Muhammad Ali's career, while he was suspended for draft-dodging, he was despised by many people. But his third act was so glorious he ended up a beloved hero.
Something may eventually occur to Bonds that will alter the public's feelings towards him, but I doubt it. Even if he got a chance to play more there's nothing meaningful he could accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Bro Bob again:
Still Ziro.

Zo said...

Mr. Trotsky is obviously ruggedly handsome with a piercingly intelligent look about him. Yet, from the photograph, it seems that he has had a lot of hard-won experience and has had to strive against much muddleheaded thinking, as I can well attest from the rough and tumble politics at the Shady Grove Trailer Park Advisory Committee. Yes, Mr. Trotsky and I have a lot in common. I wonder if he enjoyed a hotly contested 1-0 game as much as I?