Thursday, October 16, 2008

Supermassive black hole

That's what happens in my brain when I think about third base.

Fan Graphs has a breakdown of the available free-agent third basemen. It ain't pretty. The only one remotely interesting is big-stick no-glove recovering-from-injury Hank Blalock, but the Rangers have an option on him.

Tell me, buckos, who's on third? Pablo Sandoval? Kevin Frandsen? Ryan Rohlinger? Conor Gillaspie? Makes you miss Pedro Feliz, eh?

Help! I'm being sucked into a supermassive black hole!!


(NASA image: public domain)


Chris said...

Mr. Russell Branyan, plz.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I could see Branyan as a useful part-timer. But he's a stopgap at best while . . .

. . . while we wait for Gillaspie?

The "event horizon" is looming.

Theo said...

I actually do miss Pedro, but I don't think this is the year to spend big on the Aaron Rowand equivalent for third base. Let’s see what Pablo does in a larger sample size?

Zo said...

Jorge Cantu. Also, apparently the Cardinals have some hot prospects that are almost major league ready at 3rd. Haven't had time to dig through their farm system yet. They may not want to part with them, but they might for pitching. Adrian Beltre?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Jorge Cantu is intriguing.

Cot's does not list him as a free agent. He was signed with Florida through 2008, but I believe he is still under their control due to his short MLB service time.

Do we--gulp--trade for a third baseman? If so, who is expendable? And, of course, desirable to our competitors?

Theo said...

Cantu would be a good fit. A ton of power, haven't seen enough of him to know his glove, but I think he played some 2B in Tampa whatever that may mean. I would be willing to go with an incentive type deal for either Crede or Blalock.

RE. Pedro: True, the Giants had no business giving Pedro the contract the Phills gave him. But, I will maintain that he was unfairly ridiculed as a player. The Giants did ask him to be something he's not. They also have done that with Castillo, Roberts, Rowand, Winn, Molina (a number four hitter?), Walker, Taschner, Herges, Durham, Neikro, and may make the same mistake with Frandsen.

Yes, I'm aware that Pedro wasn't traded, but I figure fans often inaccurately use that term interchangeably with free agency and that’s fine.

Also, thanks for bringing up '02 I hadn't relived that every day for the past six years. Was last night Rays loss their "game 6?"

Why didn't Dusty stay with Dunston in game 7? I know their bench was thin, but Dunston was probably more prepared for the AB’s.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Beltre is signed through 2009. I can't see trading for him unless the Mariners want to pay his salary ($12 M).

Start thinking about 1B, lads.

If 3B is a black hole,
then 1b is a . . . ?

JC Parsons said...

Hey, I'm back. Guess I needed a break, huh?

Both third and first are not very scary to me because they both have bright futures ahead. So any astrological comparisons are kind dramatic. A biological analogy, full of quick growth and change, would be more appropriate.

We definitely are waiting for Sandoval/Gillaspie and ( a little later) Villalona. Pablo must be given a chance at one of those positions (he earned that)and although he may not make it, I sense there is an equal chance he may never leave the starting lineup. I also think people are under estimating the almost immediate impact big time college players can have. Think Tim. Posey and Gillaspie are cut from a similar mold. Look for our offense to blossom real soon.

Stop gap is the way to think for '09. NO TRADES, except Molina, the second Buster is ready. Even a veteran, expensive free agent would be OK if it is a short deal. Sure, you are always looking for youth, but I wouldn't hold my breathe.

I want Orlando Hudson from free agency, then Frandsen or somebody does third, and Pablo is at first. Just think how good a Burriss-Hudson combo could be for the next decade.