Friday, November 21, 2008

Renteria Rumors

While his career line of .290/.347/.405 is certainly an upgrade over most guys on our team, that says more about us than him. This guy is 33 and we would be his sixth team in 13 years. I wonder if a career OPS+ of 96 has anything to do with it.

The Giants can certainly throw money at any ballplayer they like. I have a feeling Neukom is going to free up wads of dough over the next few seasons. Why not? They've plenty of it.

But Renteria? I keep having these anagrammatic fits and seeing "retread" in his name.


Zo said...

Wouldn't that be "retreain"? How about "retraine"? Close enough.

Here is a more philosophical question. Would you rather have a 33 year old shortstop for two years, or a better 31 year old shortstop who only played 36 games last year, for four years?

Zo said...

Giants - Renteria Rumors False according to Tim Dierkes at at 3:02 pm.

Chris said...

I'm going to blame you guys if this had actually happened. You got lucky ... this time.