Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All You Need To Know

The San Franicsco Chronicle today tells you all you need to know about the 2009 Giants. Bochy foresees Molina in cleanup spot again. Bengie Molina batting clean-up. After 2008, Molina Still bats Fourth. Going Into 2009 with Molina as the Clean-Up Hitter. No matter what you do, it always comes out the same. I won't bore you with the description, from Bochy, of the upcoming line-up, but really, go there yourself if you want to get even more depressed than the headline. Yet, the accompanying articles, with the exception of Bruce Jenkins' "I Don't Care What Ballplayers May Have or Have Not Accomplished When I Cast My Hall of Fame Ballot", are all about the pointless distraction du jour, CHASING SABATHIA. And Randy Johnson! I can see it now, the Giants finish 2009 with a team ERA of 0.79 and a .435 winning percentage. They go down in history as the weirdest team ever. Maybe I am just too short-sighted and uncreative. Maybe CC can play first and bat clean-up on days when he isn't pitching, when he can pitch and bat clean-up. Maybe what Bochy really meant was that "Unless we sign CC Sabathia or someone with some real power, we might wind up with the regrettably sucky sitution where Bengie Molina bats fourth all year again, which will probably result in a net lower performance level than last year, although I like the way he swings the bat." Sure, CC would be a great addition. So would Alex Rodriguez and maybe we can trade Aaron Rowand straight up for Matt Holiday and Eric Chavez. Maybe the face of Jesus will appear in some dust bunnies and I can make some real money. Or maybe the Giants will sign CC for big bucks, trade Matt Cain and/or Jonathan Sanchez for some hitters and make Bochy eat his words. Literally. And you know the worst part? I actually agree with almost all of Jenkin's picks and pans. But not Bruce Blyleven.


Zo said...

Oh well, the reports have Sabathia signing with the Yankees. Fine with me.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Jenkins is an idiot.

From now on, when discussing the HOF, please refer to it as the BBWAA-HOF or the VC-HOF (veteran's committee).

The "Hall of Fame" is at the mercy of those silly groups--the BBWAA and VC determine who is "hall-worthy." Not the Hall. Lame.

Did I mention Jenkins was an idiot? In the future, please refer to him as "that idiot."

I think CC could-a been-a contend-a for the 1B job. Well, at least he's ON a contend-a.

Speaking of contend-as, we aren't.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Check out BCB. Chris is going nutty with Excel graphs, stats and projections again. Good stuff, though, helps one get a handle on next year's, uh, offense.

Zo said...

Sabes responds by lashing out at media - not a bad idea, all in all. In fact, many people have made a good living and/or gotten elected to Congress doing exactly that.

Today's Chron Watch is flashing a RED WARNING SIGNAL - Gwen Knapp writing on baseball. Do not read. Repeat - Do not read.