Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Howdy, Howry!

I like this Howry:



More than this one:


The first is 2007 and the second is 2008. It is a low-risk move for the Giants and I can't find much to argue with. We got our lefty and now a righty. I'm optimisitic that Howry will bounce back and pitch effectively, he certainly has a good track record out of the 'pen. I'm worried that Sabean has been behaving rationally and making reasonably prudent, cautious moves. I think this means we are going to go hog-wild and throw $200 million at C.C. They call our new boss "Nuke-em," don't they?

What say you, me buckos?


JC Parsons said...

The reason why I am cool with this move is because he won't be asked to be the late inning guy. That job is definitely Romo's until he loses it to Wilson because Merkin becomes the closer...or something like that. In other words, we have some depth and we aren't going to use someone outside of their capabilities, like Bengie batting cleanup. Better examples would be using people like Matt Herges and Tim Worrell as closers. If Howry goes back to anything like 2004 -2007, then we made a good deal. If not, we have many others that I think are ready

Theo said...

I can get behind this move. It’s not glamorous, but middle relievers aren’t supposed to be. I do think the Giants will be able to manage Howry far better than the Cubs did last season. Then all of a sudden they’ve got the semblance of a major league bullpen. I like that Howry can pitch the eight, but won’t have to, and I don’t expect Bochy to give him the Tyler Walker treatment and force him into the role. Then who knows, Ex-arm Valdez may be healthy, then we really have some nice ingredients in the pen. Okay now I’m being Pollyanna.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Not Pollyanna at all. We all know the relief corps was more like relief corpse last year. Adding these two guys makes us WAY better. Romo is the emerging star, to be sure. Wilson has great stuff and can get better. I'm also confident that Valdez will be a positive contributor. Hinshaw is perhaps the best of the rest, but Matos and Sadler could also be in the mix. This part of our team is no longer a serious weakness.

I'm still unsettled by Sabean's careful and prudent behavior. He's gonna mess with me, I know it.

Zo said...

However, I wonder what his incentive for "finishing games" means?

Wait this just in: Renteria signed for six years with a player option for a seventh. Kidding! But he was signed for two years as has been widely predicted and commented on. Seems like some serious coin. There are a lot worse moves we could make - and may still.