Saturday, December 27, 2008


This recent photo shows Randy Johnson's reaction to the news that he will become a member of the San Francisco Giants.


Ron said...

My reaction is much more positive (as, I'm sure, Randy Johnson's is, too). This is a reasonably brilliant move. He seems to still be effective, brings in fans while he goes for win #300, & allows the Giants to resist temptations to rush Bumgardner, Alderson, Pucetas, & Lowry. If I were running the team, then I would keep Sanchez & be confident that we have a great starting pitching core, plus an improved bullpen. Wasting a lot of money or players or prospects on the kind of half-baked 'big sticks' we've been talking about (Crede, Encarnacion, Wigginton, etc.) seems ludicrous. With a marginally more mature offense (Lewis, Sandoval, etc.) & better pitching, we are instantly more credible - perhaps even contenders in this day & age. Happy Holidays!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I actually expect that The Big Eunuch will pitch pretty well. They must figure Lowry is a risk. We are sure going to bring some heat: Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez and Johnson all throw serious smoke. Then Zito will go out and do his bad impersonation of Kirk Rueter. Maybe 4 days of 90+ will make his 45 mph cheeseballs that much tougher to hit!

Memo to Sabes--how 'bout some bats?

Zo said...

Actually, I think the Big Unit's (I guess I cannot call him the Big Eunuch anymore) heat is mostly in days gone by. But he still has Mr. Snappy, the devastating curve. And throwing from about 12 feet above a batter's head always seems to help. In the Chronic today, Johnson says he thinks the Giants can be competitive. Good remarks, but they may even be true (in the NL west).

I agree with Ron, but would consider a creative trade to replace an outfielder with another, better hitting outfielder. Thus far, this off season, Brian Sabean has not been an idiot. Far from it. We could use a stick. We could really, really, use a stick. But, thus far, we haven't done anything dumb to get one. Alex Rios, anyone?

Zo said...

Actually, in reviewing tBU's velocity on Bay City Ball, he still has some gas left, throwing in the low 90's. Not his former fearsome self, be more than enough hop to set up an offspeed pitch.