Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy 2009, Giants fans! Our Home Opener is the 7th of April against the Brewers. Speaking of Opening Days, here's another bit of nostalgia for you, a few more old ticket stubs. The top is from 1981, back in the old "dollar" days in the Candlestick bleachers. The bottom one is from the first game at the new park.

1981 ended in a strike. 2000 ended with a soul-crushing loss to the Mets in the playoffs. We were one game over .500 in 1981 and had the best record in baseball in 2000. I don't think either of those is very likely in 2009. I know Chris at BCB makes a convincing case that we will win 82 or 83 games, but that assumes everyone is healthy and plays reasonably well. I think we will be lucky to score four runs per game. David Pinto at TSN thinks 4.2 rpg is a reasonable guess for the 2009 Giants, and he projects us to give up 4.5 rpg. That, my friends, is called a losing record.

Perhaps I'm partial to the Pinto prediction because it confirms my bias. Chris' work is conservative and meticulous, and it would be great if we did indeed play that well. I'm a skeptic, though. This team, as currently constituted, can't hit enough to win. That's what my gut says, and since the BBWAA officially sanctions "gut-votes" for HOF and MVP, I'm sticking with my gut vote.

So, me buckos, how many games will the MMIX Giants win?


Bob said...

I have nothing to share but gut feelings, as usual. I'm in an optimistic mode today. I like the addition of The Big Eunuch (I hate to retire that moniker but I suppose we must). An over-the-hill legendary power pitcher may give enough je ne say kwa to our young dudes, especially MC, to put them over the top. Maybe Johnson will bond with Sanchez and share all his wisdom. I can imagine even Zito will benefit.
On offense we'll clearly need young bats to blossom. Lewis, Sandoval and Ishikawa need to make progress and prove they'll be reliable every-day pros.
The old dudes like Molina, Rowand and Winn will have to be adequate. If one or more of these guys can manage career type years, the Giants have a shot at reaching the vicinity of .500.
My magic number is 79.
What do I get if I win?

Ron said...

85-90 wins.

Why is Dave Roberts still listed on our Active Roster??? I thought that we signed him for 2 years (2007 & 2008). That scares me. Please tell me it's just a mistake.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Roberts signed a three year deal for $18 million covering 07, 08 and 09. I know, tough to swallow. (link here)

I'd love 85-90 wins, but how? Who will provide the offense? Bengie Molina in the cleanup spot? Does a .322 OBA actually constitute offense?