Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bye-bye Bengie?

The Giants did not offer arbitration to Bengie Molina. I thought they might, figuring he was as good as gone and they'd get compensatory picks when he signed elsewhere. They decided to forgo that opportunity, and I'm not sure why. Did they think the free-agent market would be so soft that they might be stuck over-paying Bengie for another year? Despite his monumental out-making prowess, Molina has the HR/RBI numbers that might play well in arbitration. Were the Giants afraid Molina would accept arb and get a raise? I suppose we'll never know, as the stuff that comes out of Sabean's mouth is nothing but obfuscatory gubble for Chronicle readers and casual fans. Is this a signal that the Giants have finally cut ties with SeƱor Slow? I hope that's the case. After all, if you want to wallow in nightmarish paranoia, Bengie's free agency means the Giants can now join his list of suitors! I know, Sabes is going to trade Buster Posey for the big hitter we need and then re-sign his favorite hacker. Brilliant! Just shoot me now!!!!

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Zo said...

Here are my thoughts:
1) An arbitration offer means a draft pick. Draft picks are good, right?
2) An arbitration offer also means that the Giants have to sign the player if he accepts arbitration. We could, of course, work out a deal before the arb hearing, or trade him afterwards, assuming there were suitors. But unless the player thought the deal was favorable, he would probably stick with the arbitration award.

In arbitration, the arbitrator would have to pick the Giants' offer or the player's. Benjie made $6 million last year. Let's say Molina asked for $8 million based on what he had done (we all know the numbers). The Giants would have to offer something that an arbitrator might consider. More than $6 million? $5 million? $4 million? Too little and the award would go to Molina. So a "win" in arbitration means the Giants would still be out at least $4 million for a catcher when they have Buster Posey on the bench. Could they get Jason Kendall for $2 millon? Henry Blanco? Yorvit? I count 18 free agent catchers not offered arbitration. Sounds like a decent pool if you only want a decent catcher.

So I think the decision is not without logic, even though it comes from the Giants.