Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

RMC wishes everyone a Really Merry Christmas!




Brother Bob said...

All is well Xmas-wise in the So. Sac. Region.
I am long overdue for a visit to the Mt. Shasta Region. I hope all is well with my dear old friends who constitute the RMC fraternity.
Giants-wise, I wish for our players all to play better, to be the best possible ballplayers they can be.
I'm not sure, but I believe I'm the only one of us who was actually living at the moment of a Giants World Championship. (Oct. '54). So I guess that's why I don't have the same desperate hunger for "winning it all" that some of you do. Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

SIR says I was alive then too! !0-22-52. Happy New Year to You All!