Friday, January 22, 2010

How the West Was Won: 2006

If the 2010 Giants are looking for inspiration, a gander at the 2006 NL West standings would serve them well. The Padres, 2005 winners with a pathetic 82-80 record, repeated their feat in 2006 but managed to win 88 games. That Bruce Bochy is a hell of a manager, eh? The team exceeded their Pythagorean percentage (86-76) by two games. The Wild Card Dodgers were also 88-74, exactly matching their projection. It was a funny year--the World Series champion Cardinals won the Central with an 83-78 record, beating the 97-65 Mets in a thrilling LCS and the 95-67 Tigers in an anti-climactic Series.

Pitching was not the story in the NL. The best teams in terms of ERA+ were the Astros (109), Dodgers (106), Rockies (105), D-Backs (105), Mets (105), and Padres (104). The Padres RS/RA (731/679) put them 13th and 1st. The more balanced Dodgers RS/RA (820/751) put them at 4th and 4th. It never hurts to be number one in something, eh? And if you have to pick something, pick pitching, at least if you play in the NL West. We Giants fans can get behind that. Speaking of the G-men, they finished 3rd, 11-1/2 back, with a 746/790 RS/RA line (11th and 8th). They--like LA--matched their projected record. Felipe Alou would get booted upstairs at the end of the season and Ol' Boch would get the call. Funny how the Padres got rid of him after back-to-back titles. It almost worked for them as they won 89 games the next year under Bud Black, and the Giants finished in last place. I remember thinking then that the Pads got the better man. They played .389 ball in 2008, so perhaps not. But that's something for another post.

p.s. Did you see this shite? (Hat tip to BCB.)


Ron said...

SF Giants' prospect Roger Kieschnick is retiring from baseball to enter the priesthood.

Kieschnick was recently selected the 2009 Arizona Fall League MVP and was considered one of the top prospects in the Giants' system.

"We respect Roger's decision and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors," Giants' GM Brian Sabean said in a statement.

Sabean added "We really didn't have much interest in developing young position players anyway, given our propensity to block their advancement by acquiring aging, over-priced, often injured veterans past their prime."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The above is a complete fabrication based upon the real-life story of A's prospect, Grant Desme.

JC Parsons said...

I totally believed this "news item" for several seconds (ask Robyn, I was pissed!) ....when I realized the final Sabean quote was completely honest, I knew it was fake. Well done, Ron.

Really pissed off about FSanchez. Why the f*ck don't these guys get procedures done when it doesn't impact the season?? When did we find out about this? Before or after giving him a RIDICULOUS contract that he DID NOT EARN???

M.C. O'Connor said...

Brilliant, Ron, just brillinat. You had me going too until the Sabes quote. Sad, but that "quote" was the most truthful item in the whole pile. I remember Grant Desme, but not the story.

Do I need any MORE reasons to be furious about the FSanchez deal? What a cluster-fuck. Trade away a top prospect for a guy who can't play. Worse, we KNEW he couldn't play and still traded for him. Then gave him a TWO-YEAR DEAL!!! And now he's even MORE hurt. Fer chrissakes, get the man on HGH and the sooner the better. They don't test for that, you know.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Here's a link to the Desme story.