Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking for a lefty

Seems we need a left-handed hitter. The article mentions Scott Podsednik.

Career line:

.277/.340/.381 which rates an OPS+ of 87.

Hey, couldn't Fred Lewis do that?

UPDATE 0958: The 2010 Giants ZiPS projections are available. (Thanks to Chris at BCB for the "heads up.") Also, FanGraphs now includes CHONE projections on their site.


Ron said...

So much for Scott Podsednik ... he's now become a Royal. Signing him would have been a nothing move for us, so it's fine. I say we take a bargain shot at Carlos Delgado - he was awesome in his prime, & could be a deal now to provide some punch - 75% of his former production would be about a 50% upgrade for us. Could we sign him for $5M on a 1-year deal?

Zo said...

Regarding Vlad, the Rangers have reportedly offered him $7 mil for one year, he wants two. See Note that he achieved only 32 extra-base hits in 2009. Apparently the Orioles and Mets both are interested in Delgado.

Ron said...

Ishikawa & Garko had 27 extra-base hits between them as Giants last year - 32 sounds like an improvement. I expect Vlad to bounce back a bit. Delgado, if reasonably healthly, would provide more than that. What's the down side of a bargain offer?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Delgado would be a reasonable risk--much like Atlanta with Troy Glaus (who was $2M/1 yr cheap).

Garko was a fair enough solution for 1B--nothing to get excited about, but passable. (ZiPS says 113 OPS+, CHONE says .344 wOBA.) Not sure why we cut ties--now we have to scramble around for old guys.

What the hell, that's what we do best.