Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In 2002, 18-year old Miguel Montero of the Arizona Diamondbacks made his professional debut with the Missoula Osprey of the Pioneer League, and 19-year old Russell Martin of the Los Angeles Dodgers made his debut for Vero Beach in the Gulf Coast League. That same year, 27-year old Bengie Molina racked up a .596 OPS in 122 games for the Anaheim Angels. His line was .245/.275/.322 for a 58 OPS+.

In 2004, 21-year old Chris Iannetta of the Colorado Rockies made his debut with the Asheville Tourists of the South Atlantic League. That same year, 29-year old Bengie Molina spent some time on the DL, only appearing in 97 games on his way to a .276/.313/.404 line (88 OPS+).

In 2005, 21-year old Nick Hundley of the San Diego Padres made his debut with the Eugene Emeralds of the Northwest League. That same year, 30-year old Bengie Molina put up a 108 OPS+ (.295/.336/.446) for the newly re-named Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Despite only appearing in 119 games (449 PA) he had a career-high 27 walks!

CHONE projects Montero to produce 2.1 WAR for the Snakes (114 wRC+), while ZiPS says .275/.342/.451 (100 OPS+).

CHONE projects Martin to produce 3.9 WAR for the LAtriners (111 wRC+), while ZiPS says .272/.367/.392 (106 OPS+).

CHONE projects Iannetta to produce 3.0 WAR for the Crockies (125 wRC+), while ZiPS says .241/.353/.437 (105 OPS+).

CHONE projects Hundley to produce 0.6 WAR (83 wRC+) for the Puds, while ZiPS says .230/.288/.370 (87 OPS+).

All four of these fellows were born in 1983. Bengie Molina was born in 1974. He made his debut as an 18-year old in the Arizona League for the California Angels rookie team. CHONE says he's a 1.6 WAR player for 2010 (84 wRC+), and ZiPS says he'll produce a .271/.298/.424 (87 OPS+) line. I'll give Ol' Bengie credit--he's stuck around a looooong time. That's no mean feat. And he's racked up over 1600 PAs in the last three seasons, the most sustained stretch of his career.

Meanwhile, there's a fellow named Buster Posey who was born in 1987 and made his debut as a 21-year old in the Arizona League with the Giants rookie team. CHONE says 2.3 WAR and 100 wRC+. ZiPS says .263/.343/.398 (95 OPS+). Let's hope the Giants find a way to get him some playing time.

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