Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011? I'm not done with 2010 yet!

 A fellow by the name of Mike Rodriguez is getting a big RMC "shout out" for bringing The Trophy to Siskiyou County. If you haven't heard of Siskiyou County, California, you can be forgiven. It's the 5th largest county in the state in terms of area, beaten out only by the ginormous SoCal counties of San Bernadino, Inyo, Kern, and Riverside, but its population (49,500) would mostly fit in AT&T Park. Nonetheless, The Trophy is coming to a lovely little burg called Mt. Shasta City on Sunday, March 20th. Apparently Mr. Rodriguez is a believer in the "ask-and-ye-shall-receive" school of thought. Mt. Shasta's Parks & Rec Director saw the trophy in Redding with 3,000 other faithful and said "hey, why not us?" I've been anxiously awaiting the announcement by the Giants that The Trophy would be in Southern Oregon, and the March 19th date for Medford was finally fixed! But then the story in the Mt. Shasta News was brought to my attention and I was ecstatic. Now I'll have two chances--Medford is 50 miles north of me and Mt. Shasta about 40 miles south. Thank you, San Francisco Giants. And extra-special thanks to Mike Rodriguez for representin' all us folks here in the 5-3-0!

In other news, the Giants are opening Spring Training this week.


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