Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The Giants went 12-6 during The Streak™. It seems like they should have done better than that, especially in light of the numbers. Take a look:

161 innings, 605 batters faced, only 90 hits (23 for extra-bases--15 2B, 4 3B, 8 HR)

2319 pitches thrown, 1536 strikes (that's 66%--2 out of every 3 pitches were strikes)

155 strikeouts, only 36 walks (the Giants had 578 BB in the season, 4th-worst in baseball)

25 runs allowed (21 earned runs, a 1.17 ERA) or 1.39 rpg

The Giants were 18-8 in September after a sizzling July and a lackluster August. They gained 2-1/2 games on the Padres during The Streak™ and finished the month by sweeping Arizona (4 runs allowed in 3 games) to go up by 3 with 3 to play. They were in 2nd place, 3 games back, at the start of the month.

We all watched the Giants pitch like hell in the post-season and beat three quality opponents, throw four shutouts, and win six games in which they scored three runs or fewer. That was some serious pitching! In 15 games, the team went 11-4. They gave up 41 runs, or 2.73 rpg. No matter how you slice it, The Streak™ was something special. I said it before and I'll say it again: it's the best pitching I've ever seen.


p.s. Baserunning? I'm glad you asked. There were only 6 attempted steals in the 18 games and only 2 were successful. The opposition also hit into 9 double plays.

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