Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getaway game: Giants go ga-ga

After scoring only one run in the first two games in Chicago, the Giants scored nine in one inning tonight and thirteen overall. The CSN guys noted at the end of the game that the Giants have been enjoying big outbursts of late in getaway games. The Giants scored one run against the Brewers in the first two games of that series and then pounded out nine runs in the final game. In the series before that, the Giants scored two runs in the first two games against the Dodgers, and then ten in the final. It's a little crazy, but it seems so in character with this club. Anything is possible, including Jose Guillen getting plunked twice in the same inning by the same pitcher!  Madison Bumgarner kept the Giants record streak alive with an impressive 7   7   0   0   1   9  line (Game Score 71). That's the fifth team shutout in the month and that's 17 games in a row in which the opposition has scored three or fewer runs. That's amazing. It's the best pitching I've ever seen. The last time the Giants had a month with a sub-2.00 ERA was May of 1989 (that was the trivia question on the broadcast tonight). Those guys allowed only 69 runs in 27 games and went 17-10. That staff only allowed 600 runs all season (3rd best in the NL) on their way to a pennant. The 2010 club has only allowed 556 runs with nine games left to play, and only 33 in the month with six remaining (the last three against SD are in October). The Giants are 13-7 in September, a .650 clip.

The Giants are 27-23 in one-run games, and 22-13 in blowouts (5+ run difference). Let's hope the hitting is contagious! We know this team can pitch, and if some unsung heroes can step it up and deliver with the bats we could really put a hurt on the NL West race. Juan Uribe deserves special mention of course, but I also want to give a nod to Freddy Sanchez and Cody Ross for chipping in seven hits! Even MadBum was showing off his stroke tonight (two hits in the same inning)! What a crazy game! What a mad, mad, mad, mad season!!




Brother Bob said...

The 1-0 games I get to sit and watch from beginning to end; the 13-0 game I miss entirely. It's not fair.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Though, I saw most of the cool parts of the game last night. I'm almost always there for the torture though.