Monday, September 6, 2010

25 zeros

Matt Cain gave up four runs to the Dodgers in the 4th inning of Saturday's game. He followed that with three shutout innings, and then the 'pen finished the task with two more. Sunday's nine innings of shutout ball was then topped by today's eleven innings of zeros! That's TWENTY-FIVE consecutive innings on the road in which Giants pitchers have not allowed a runner to cross the plate. You pitch like that you are going to win. Madison Bumgarner matched Jonathan Sanchez' outstanding start with one of his own, his best since July 6th in Milwaukee. It's easy to forget he's a month past his 21st birthday--I say buy that lad a beer! Forgotten man Nate Schierholtz had an ignominious start to his day, getting picked off after being sent in to pinch-run, but redeemed himself later with a mighty blow--a gapper to right-center for a stand-up triple--that plated the go-ahead runs. It's been tough to score runs with both Huff and Torres slumping, and the club is going to need the bench-warmers to step up and deliver some timely hits in the interim. Andres made two very fine plays in center to take away hits, his glove continues to be a huge asset. It was a crisp, well-played game, as well as an agonizing, tortuous one. Only the Giants can combine those things so deftly.

The Padres send ace Mat Latos out against the Dodgers tonight in San Diego. He's given up two or fewer runs in fourteen straight starts. I think that streak of improbability will come to an end very soon. Hey, how about tonight? It's not like we are rooting for the Dodgers as much as we are rooting against the Padres, right? And we'd sell our immortal souls to Lucifer if he could guarantee us a World Series win, wouldn't we? Well, wouldn't we?

Keep on rolling, boys, keep on rolling!


UPDATE: Seems Latos is a scratch tonight.  I like the sound of "eleven in a row."


Anonymous said...

That's how we do.

Brother Bob said...

I love it when we're on the winning end of shutouts. Frequently it seems like JSanchez and MadBum are our best pitchers. In a few years I wouldn't be surprised if MadBum was our #1 guy, although I would be happier if Lincecum could stay there.
Huff got two hits yesterday. I hope that means he's coming out of his funk. That would be huge, to have him regain the stroke he had a month ago.