Saturday, May 7, 2011

Way to go, Fontenot!

The Giants win another tense, hard fought, well played game against the first place Rockies. Three nights in a row the Colorado bullpen has allowed the tying or go-ahead runs in the 9th inning. Madison Bumgarner pitched brilliantly and was aided by three double plays. Unfortunately MadBum himself blew a sure double play in the 7th when he made a poor throw on a comebacker from Troy Tulowitzki. That led to a game-tying hit by Todd Helton and it ended his night. Ramon Ramirez saved the game by surviving the no out, runners on 1st and 3rd situation with a clean slate. That was a huge moment and he really looked good throwing that nasty-looking stuff he throws. Javier Lopez and Brian Wilson got their assigned outs, but both labored--Lopez loaded the bases and Wilson gave up a walk and a hit. That's back-to-back wins for Wilson in relief. Ramirez "picked up" his teammate as they like to say in baseball parlance, and it was some riveting, pennant-race drama. And it's May! Just think what agony awaits us in September!

Mike Fontenot continues to deliver for the Giants. You have to have depth--the reserves have to step up and play well when called upon. Number 14 has kicked some serious butt and "served notice." That's a huge asset for the team. Pablo Sandoval will be back, and he will play well, that I know. But it's also nice to know that a guy whose name rhymes with "way to go" can show us some big-league ball and help the team win some big games. Aaron Rowand deserves notice for two hits, a walk, and two runs including the game-winner. Freddy Sanchez as well for three hits. I really enjoyed Buster Posey throwing out Dexter Fowler trying to steal in the 4th inning.

Two beautiful wins in a row against the best club in the division. Does it feel good? Yeah, it feels great. The Giants can go for a sweep tomorrow behind Ryan Vogelsong. Colorado will counter with Jorge de la Rosa. I keep trying to be calm and realize that it is early and it is a long, long season, and the Giants are a short-handed, banged-up squad, and 17-16 and only two back is just fine, just fine, relax. Then I think about a sweep and I get all crazy and uptight and think about how awesome it would be to wax the Rockies and send them away wondering how it happened. I guess they'll just have to play a ball game and I'll just have to deal with it.



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