Saturday, September 24, 2011

Well, that's a relief

I was getting tired of running out the string on the seemingly endless and highly improbable playoff scenarios. It is now mercifully over. Arizona put us all out our collective misery last night with a 3-1 win that looked a lot like the kinds of wins the Giants got last season. Bully for them. They won fair and square. I'm not a sour grapes sort of fellow (anymore, that is, middle age has its benefits) and have no problem saying "congratulations" to the new NL West champions. A lot of things went wrong in the 2011 title defense. Buster. More DL. Still more DL. Belt-gate. RISP-death. You name it, it happened. At the same time, the pitching was awesome and the Panda re-emerged from hibernation. It would be nice if the team could win a few ballgames before the end. Score a few runs. Not get Cained again. We'll see. As I type this, the Braves are losing. Please win. 'Cold turkey' is the best way to get clean, isn't it?

Sharpen your offseason digital pencils, mates. We'll have to get things figured out for 2012, eh? No hurry, though. I'm tired and I'm going to take a break.


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Anonymous said...

There were a lot of reasons why the giants did not win it this year, but all those reasons would not be reasons had some major injuries not have occurred. Despite all else that went wrong the gmen would be there without the injuries. But next year expect other teams to improve the the gmen will have to improve for next year.