Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guys Who Were Giants Sign

With other teams. See this. Oh, and this guy apparently signed with St. Louis.


Ron said...

This will make Mark's Christmas!:

"The Giants are talking to Boof Bonser about a possible minor league deal, according to Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle."

nomisnala said...

You mean the giants could not sign Beltran for 26 million for two years?
With Wheeler gone, just 3.5 mil a year more than Affeldt and Lopez. Seems like a steal for the Cards. For Two years the Cards get Beltran in their lineup for 26 million to replace Pujols at about 56 million. Seems like for two years the cards have Pujols bat covered. The giants lost out on Rollins and Beltran. What is wrong with the front office?

nomisnala said...

Boof Bonser, why not Noah Lowry?

Ron said...

No, Carlos Beltran is not a replacement for Albert Pujols. But, it is interesting that this year's defending WS Champions decided that Carlos Beltran is a good value to bolster their offense. The Cardinals got a good deal on an excellent player.

You already know what I think about how we spent our money. The sad part is that we could have afforded (& deserved) Beltran, Affeldt, & Lopez.

The only way that I even start to get back on board with the front office's strategy is if we get Cain & Lincecum signed up as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will continue to doubt that they know what they are doing. As others have pointed out, Cain & Lincecum can see what's going on - if C. J. Wilson can get the deal he got, Cain & Lincecum are going to get some big $. They need to get some big SF Giants $ or the current strategy is moot.

Joe Nathan, Jerome Williams, Noah Lowry, & Boof Bonser were out there. Joe & Jerome have already signed elsewhere, Nathan for way too much money.

Zo said...

I tend to think that Beltran and his agent got the better of that deal. I guess it depends on how he performs for two years. 26 mil seems steep for a guy that is on his last legs as a (very good) player unless he can DH. By no means does he replace Pujols, but keep in mind that the Cardinals have a lot of pop without either and one very good pitcher who is coming off the DL. I do agree however, that if the Giants do not sign Matt and Tim long term, their strategy is a pile.