Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pitchers and Catchers Report in Ten Days

Ain't it grand? Can't hardly wait, me buckos. Baseball is almost here!

Drop us a line, eh? Chime in. Tell us how you're feeling. Talk amongst yourselves.

Me? Thanks for asking. I'm pretty stoked about the 2012 team.



Relio Estondado said...

I can't wait for the Brandon Belt drama to play out. It's so weird to read PECOTA saying our third best hitter is Belt knowing he will probably not get a good shot to play. All I know is he's a starter in MLB 12 The Show where he performs very well. Our virtual Giants should be great. Here's hoping the real thing mimics this other reality.

M.C. O'Connor said...

If Huff is as bad as last year, then we can hope for a Bengie/Buster scenario with Belt. On the other hand, if he's good, then all is OK. Belt will get his chances. It's nice to have a problem like "we gotta get this stud hitter in the lineup."

SIR said...

Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah !
Thanks for making my day!
I'm the big Buster fan.
Gotta love the catcher.

Brother Bob said...

My urge to make a pilgrimage to Arizona gets stronger every year. I think the best part would be making new friends in the stands, sucking down a couple of brews and BSing about the game with other knowledgeable geezers. I could bore them with my old stories like how I was personally present for every ML pitch Dave Kingman ever threw.

Shankbone said...

Well now it's NINE days and I'm with you on the optimism.

Brandon Belt will be a big story. Anything can happen, its up to him. Fair? Maybe.

Hector Sanchez and Gregor Blanco may continue their noise from the VWL.

Hopefully the Gints will put the radar gun on Barry Zito.

I'm glad we have The Riot in case Freddy isn't ready. Its not perfect but these are the type of deals that either turn out well or fade away easily.

Its a good team. Younger, faster, better overall defensively, possibly better with the hitting.

All hinges on that long term deal for your namesake though fellas.

JC Parsons said...

Only eight days now...

So nice to hear from a couple new voices on our humble blog, especially since I completely agree with them! I, too, think Belt is probably the third best hitter (or fourth if Melky is last year's version)and how we handle him is a big story line for this season. And like the wonderfully named Shankbone, I like the minor upgrades and depth it appears we have. Between Freddy and Crawford, I'm pretty sure we see a load of Fontenot and Theriot. I sure hope Brandon can stick at SS...imagine how tight our left side defense will be.

Of course, sweet SIR sums it up too. WE GET BUSTER BACK!!! That makes me so happy. Face it this team is full of lovable folk...exciting studs the likes of which we may never see again.

If you aren't thrilled about our chances...well, I don't know...don't fret, in another month or two, I bet you will start to feel it too.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Buster and Pablo make an enviable 1-2 punch in the middle of the lineup. Belt's issue, I think, is emotional maturity. He's got the skills, now he just has to learn the mental game. Having to compete with the old guy and (ultimately) replace him will be a good thing for his growth. Remember how we used to whine that the Giants couldn't develop hitters and position players?

Shankbone said...


As a new voice I just have to say I really like a blog where old friends can talk about old times, old players and look forward to the new season. It's an honor to drop by and share some Giant talk from time to time.

And Buster - Giants fans are really discounting exactly what Buster does for this team. Getting Posey back is huge. Its not going to be easy, the season is a big long battle. I like our chances as long as we have Buster and Sando along with the pitching.

SIR said...

Belt will be great, he is our "humble boy" that cries on The Franchise program when he's told by Bochy he made the 25 man roster. He is the new young Giant who will follow the team lead (Buster the catcher) and get it done!