Monday, April 30, 2012

Bumgarner keeps it rolling

Joaquin Arias saved me from nightmares about the Giants hitting with runners in scoring position. It is a weird thing, this utter lack of RISPness. I figured that it was more a statistical anomaly than anything else, that they couldn't possibly be that bad two seasons in a row. Here's Baggs:
Joaquin Arias hit a two-out, two-run triple in the sixth inning Sunday. And that gave them a little bit of a lift. They ended the month 17 for 98 with two outs and runners in scoring position.

That’s good for … a .173 average.

It’s .173469, to be more precise. Last year, it was .172920.

Ugh. The Giants won 86 games last season despite having the worst batting average EVER with runners in scoring position and two outs. Just goes to show what good pitching can do for you. Now imagine good pitching and the ability to RISPify. That would be something. And speaking of something, that Madison Bumgarner is. Something, I mean. As in "he's really something." Wow, another great start, another win. Remember last season he started off 0-6? I think I like this version better.The only run Bumgarner allowed was on a misplay by CF Angel Pagan. Balls in the air seemed to fool all the outfielders yesterday--I thought Will Venable would catch Arias' blast, he seemed to move too slowly going back on it, like he thought it wouldn't carry that far. Same deal with Pagan, it was "oh, this is routine" suddenly turning into "oh shit, it is over my head." Must be the famous "high sky" they always talked about at Candlestick. The only thing high at the 'Stick in those days were the bleacher bums so I never did grasp that concept.

Statistically, the Giants are right in the middle of the NL pack in RS (90, 7th) and RA (86, 8th) and have the 6th best record (12-10, .545). I can live with that for April. I figure the pitching will continue to improve and as long as Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval stay healthy the lineup will work. The fielding lapses are a little troublesome (only the Padres have more errors), but I think that may also work itself out as the guys play together a little more. I'm glad Arias has stepped up to spell Brandon Crawford. I think BCraw is fabulous but it is nice to know the Giants have a way to ease the burden on the rook just a bit.

The Miami Marlins (a much better name, I hate teams named for states) come to town tomorrow and Matt Cain matches up with Ricky Nolasco who has ownage on the Giants. Of course, so did Clayton Richard.



Zo said...

So I can't call them the Flomars anymore? How about the Miamars? Isn't there a team out there with that name already (myanmars)? Anyway, what more can you say about how great Madison is looking? Imagine having to face Cain, Zito and Vogelsong and then realizing that you missed the fronto of our rotation? Another cool 7+ innings, one run and a W. Man I would love to see three 20-game winners on the Giants, starting with Madison. And ix-Nay on the invent-a-new-nickname thing. Maddy/Madbum, that's enough.

Brother Bob said...

It's been a long time since we've had any 20-game winners (Burkett & Swift in '93)so let's not get greedy and expect three. Nice thought, however.

Zo said...

I just want to see the pitchers rewarded for their pervasive studliness. Rings. And W's.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I don't care about "individual wins" (a stupid concept), only team wins.

I note the Giants are 6th in the NL in HR with 20 and 4th in SLG at .410. With the emphasis on low-scoring, pitching-and-defense games, you have to make your hits count. That's why long balls, XBH, and RISPiness are important.

Shankbone said...

MCO'C laying down the Earl Weaver.

Except for 2 series fall on faces we're doing pretty well. I hope they come ready to rock against Miami.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Affeldt DL'd.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Travis Blackley is the new LOOGY partner for Javier Lopez. He's an Aussie, is 29 years old, and has 8 MLB starts (2 for the Giants in 2007), none pretty. He's pitching well at AAA Fresno this season (23-1/3 IP, 13 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 19 K).