Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Worst Ever Tim

Start #2 :  No decision(!)  2.1 innings  8 hits  6 runs  2 walks  4 strikeouts   (yep, his shortest ever)

Just when you thought Coors Field was a reasonable place to play baseball.  Tim Lincecum and a few other bad Giants pitchers found out the hard way that ugly things still happen here.  I'm talking two touchdowns and a few field goals type of know, ugly pieces of crap like tonight ( won by the Rockies 18-7).  How on earth did Zito do it? 

Tim was real bad from the start and didn't last long enough to get any better.  Elevated fastballs were the specialty of the day and extra base hits were the result. Shit, Tim gave up more hits than got outs.  The only thing that made Tim look somewhat adequate was the job that Mota and Affedt did after Lincecum was knocked out.  U-G-L-Y. Too bad Coors Field can't be your only alibi.  Lots of bad pitches...Tim's ERA is over 12 now and he deserves every bit of it.

Good things:  Nate gets a start and hits two homers! A seven run inning (11 batters) is fun but heart-breaking when wasted.

Bad things:   Too many to list, but the errors do pop in to my mind.  We lead the league in errors already; a trend I sure hope changes soon.

Shingles? Give me a break.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, the fielding lapses are troubling. I know that players go through bad stretches and I can live with that. Tim will bounce back. But team play is one of those indefinable things, and this team plays like crap in the field (so far). It should be a pretty solid defensive crew. Hell, it's April, can't get too upset. Happy to see Crawford looking good at the plate, HSanchez got a big hit, Nate the Great was smokin' hot, at least there were some positives. The pitchers need to get it together. They set the tone for the whole team. They do their thing, the rest will fall into place.

nomisnala said...

Giants lead the west in runs scored. One would think they would be 5-0, unfortunately they lead the world in runs given up. 1-4. Starts of Lincecum twice, losses, but timmy off the hook for this one. Bumgarner loss, Cain game a loss, but not tagged onto Matt. Zito a complete game shutout win in Denver. I was looking at the Miyan Calander to make sure the day the earth changed its axis, had not already passed.

Zo said...

I didn't get to see the start of the game, but from what I did see, Tim appeared not to have a clue as to where the ball was going. Sometimes he would miss away, and sometimes, right over the plate. On the bright side, Schierholtz and Crawford looked good at the plate, and Hector Sanchez came up with a clutch hit after a good at-bat.

SIR said...

Here at The Nest even Dad said that he thought this was suppose to be baseball but it looks more like football.

Brother Bob said...

Biblical happenings are afoot- Lincecum/Sampson cuts his hair and loses all his mojo, and Posey/Job is cursed with another affliction.